AC Repair Experts Explain Common Blower Unit Problems in Ductless ACs

Ductless air conditioners have seen an increase in popularity over the years mostly due to their reliability and longevity. Just like traditional systems, a ductless air conditioner may experience a myriad of operational and mechanical failures during their lifetime.

At times, however, these units manifest problems with cooling the room, and it’s often due to the blower units. Also called the air handler, this component’s role is blowing air after it undergoes cooling in the system.

If the blower unit malfunctions, then a system will complete the cooling cycle without blowing the air into your home, meaning that it just keeps consuming power.

Mould on Fans

One reason a blower unit may act up may be due to problems with the fans. Mould growth on fans will lead to a malfunction, which in turn affects how the blower operates. Contamination from mould is usually as a result of dust constituents such as dust mite and skin cells accumulating over time while the presence of condensate provides the perfect breeding ground.

If your AC is failing because of this problem, a repair and maintenance technician can clean the fans or get replacements for parts that can’t be cleaned.

Wiring Faults

Blower fans fail to run when there are electrical or wiring issues that may be from too much fraying or corrosion. A professional can fix loose wiring or replace the ones that are too worn out to work. In some cases, thermal overload due to a tripped electric motor overload switch may be the cause of an in operational blower fan.

Before calling for a repair service, look at all the switches in the system to make certain they are on. Faults with the motor capacitors or the voltage supply may also render a blower fan inoperable.

Providing Care

A ductless AC may be running but very loudly, meaning that the bearings in the motor are so worn out that they need to be replaced. It also could be that an AC is too old, which results in recurrent motor problems.

A company offering AC repair services for Toronto homeowners can carry out a motor replacement to save you the distress of the constant blower unit problems. Dust accumulation is the most common cause of blower unit malfunctions, but it is also one you can keep at bay with the right maintenance and servicing.

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