AC Repair Experts on Problems with Evaporator and Condenser Coils

When there is too much heat buildup, your home’s indoor comfort is dependent on an air conditioning system, so when it breaks down, there are various inconveniences. An air conditioning system lives on care and attention, and if yours doesn’t get enough of them, some problems arise. Issues with the evaporator and cooling coils are possible in your air conditioning unit. These coils are two of the most vital components because they are responsible for the cooling cycle.

With the evaporator coil providing the transfer of heat that enters into the system and the condenser coil allowing the release of this air to the outside, an AC can keep a room cool as long as it’s running. If any of them are faulty, then AC repair services will be necessary to fix them.

Dirty Coils

A cooling coil is highly prone to dust accumulation, particularly on the inlet side. House dust mostly consists of skin cells, fabric fibres, mould spores, soot and organic particles, which can all stick to cooling and condenser coils in an air conditioning unit. The cooling fins on an air handler are some of the parts that attract dust and debris because of they are always damp from condensate formation plus the spacing between fins is tiny.

As small particles build up, they form on the surface of the coils, impacting air flow negatively because of the blockage that results from this accumulation.

Ice Up

Frosting and icing on the evaporator and condenser coils are problems that may call for the services of AC repair experts. Ice buildup on coils may occur when there is an interruption of the airflow, making the coils very cold, which results in the frosting on the surface.

Another cause for it may be condensate from the building and surroundings that settle on the surface of the evaporator or condenser coils, leading to ice formation. An air conditioner that has refrigerant leak problems poses icing hazards for the coils as well. Whatever the case, ice formation on the coils leads to a blockage that in turn hinders the passage of air, hence, a malfunctioning cooling system.

Other potential problems in the coils include mismatching the size of the coil-to-air handler, mould growth on the coils surface and damaged cooling fins, issues that require the services of air conditioner repair expert in Toronto, like those from Laird and Son.

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