AC Repair Tips: Understanding Your Unit’s Sudden Drop in Blowing Speed

As temperatures start creeping upwards, they leave memories of the winter chill behind, and you naturally begin to prepare yourself for the inevitable spring dampness and summer heat. When the first wave of warm air hits your face, it’s a sign that you should start cranking up your AC units.

It is, therefore, imperative that you learn the most common air conditioning issues and when to contact a specialist in the AC repair industry in Toronto. If for instance, your Ac is blowing air out too weakly, thus affecting your comfort, you need to know why this is happening and ask a technician to fix it right away.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Your AC operates by blowing air over the evaporator coil to cool it. If the coil gets excessively cold, the condensate within it is likely to freeze. This will, in turn, convert the coil into one huge block of ice, which acts to your detriment by slowing the flow of air in your home. In that instance, it is advisable to contact an AC technician to open and unblock the return grates and supply vents while checking the refrigerant level and blower.

Air Duct Issues

Just as arteries and veins transport blood throughout your body, air ducts carry air to all rooms of your house through the duct system. This means that when problems occur in the ducts, airflow will be limited. Typical air duct issues that could restrict sufficient air flow include disconnected or loose ductwork, leaky supply-side air ducts, and flexed ducts with bends or kinks. It is essential that you hire an service technician to inspect your flex ducts for possible kinks and bends, among other duct issues.

Blower Issues

As the ducts transport air around your home, the blower adds force to the movement of that air. If the blower has a dirty blower wheel, malfunctioning motor, or a loose and worn out fan belt, you are likely to experience weak airflow, in which case you should contact a specialist in air conditioning repair in the GTA to examine and appropriately fix the blower.

Dirty Air Filters

As air passes through your AC system and ductwork, it collects all kind of dirt, dust, and debris, which can easily mix with your indoor air. No matter how clean your house is, the air filters are always going to catch a lot of debris and dust, preventing air from passing through. Replace your filters every month to prevent clogging.

More than anything else, however, if your unit seems to be displaying a problem that you know you cannot fix, call a professional technician right away. A professional knows what has to be done to restore the comfortable temperatures of your home.


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