AC Repair in Toronto: Worth the Time and Effort, Spares You Headaches

An airconditioning system needs some maintenance or a full repair job from time to time. An article on Homeowner.Net even hints that the current season is the best window you will have to do it. Consider the facts about how cold it really is in the TO:

Some weather forecasts mark potential snowstorms and rains for the area during most of January. The expected highs in the area barely break zero degrees Celsius while the lows are pegged at slightly double digits. Since the cold is already there, this gives the air conditioning part of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system a much-needed break, which will help you call in experts at AC repair in Toronto like those from Laird and Son Heating and Air-conditioning for the job.

Not Quite Self-Service

Many HVAC technicians believe that you will have to do your part to make things easier for them to complete the assignment. Take the condenser unit, for instance: you can start by clearing out the area of any obstructions, especially in the grilles, where leaves may be sucked in and impede airflow. The articles notes that no water must reach any moving parts lest they short-circuit.

More Freon

Freon conveys the cooling load right into the interior, but a lack of it will affect the system’s overall performance. Your preferred AC repair specialist will fill up the supply for you. Make sure that the freon being fed into the system is the R410a variety, which is an alternative to the common R22 class. Canada already bans the use of R22 freon due to its ozone-depletion effects, as well as the importation of air conditioning units that still use it.

Stable Thermostat

Some people tend to raise the temperatures a bit higher or lower than normal. In this respect, check on the ideal temperatures in your community and make sure it remains that way in the thermostat readings. A likely safeguard is to ask the technician to recalibrate the unit as well.

A stable air conditioner looked after during the winter will be in good shape in time for spring and summer. Trust Toronto air conditioner repair experts such as Laird and Son with the assignment.

(Source: The AC Whisperer: 5 Maintenance Things Your Air Conditioning May Be Trying to Tell You, Homeowner.Net)

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