Air Conditioner Repair in Toronto: Addressing a Failed Compressor

If your AC is failing to cool your home, there could be a problem with the compressor. A compressor burnout can be a very costly occurrence, and before you get there, it is important to look out for problems that could lead to this and have them fixed in due time. There are many reasons a compressor can burn out, but the major cause is neglect. Excess heat in the compressor, for instance, can cause the oil to break down and not produce the needed lubrication. When this situation is not addressed, you may have to replace the compressor or the whole system.

Poor Maintenance

Hardly will a compressor burn out because it has not been properly maintained. What must be maintained is the condenser. With time, the condenser coils can become clogged with dirt and debris, thereby restricting air flow and causing temperatures to rise in the compressor. This, in turn, makes the compressor work harder than usual to pump the refrigerant through the AC. When the compressor works extremely hard, it tends to pull in higher amperage, which makes it hotter than normal, and the moment the rated operating temperature exceeds, the system begins to break down. At this point, immediate AC repair is needed. Otherwise, the compressor may fail or burn out.

Malfunctioning Metering Device

A malfunctioning metering device can cause the compressor to burn out. When the problem is intermittent, it can be very difficult even for air conditioner repair Toronto experts to diagnose. Fixed orifice metering devices may be clogged with debris and cause the compressor to fail.

Oil Loss from Refrigerant Leaks

Since most homeowners are not willing to pay technicians to check if there are problems with the compressor, leakage can occur and lead to burnouts. Whenever there is a leakage, oil also finds its way out of the system. Your AC needs the right amount of oil for proper lubrication. The solution is to have a credible AC repair expert like Laird and Son fix the refrigerant leak.

While compressor burnout is common, the other cause of failure could be a lock up. An AC compressor is a mechanical device with parts that are driven by an electrical motor. When the mechanical parts lock up, the compressor becomes dysfunctional.


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