Air Conditioning Installation Procedures

Are you considering replacing your existing air conditioner?

If it is old and unreliable, do it now!

If it scares the neighbors dog every time it comes on, do it now!

If the hydro bill is higher in July than your gas bill in January, do it now!

Do it now because if you wait, you risk a sloppy and hurried installation.

Do it now because if you wait, you will wait much longer when the humidex tops 40!

Do it now because a proper air conditioner installation takes time and care. Remember, you are investing for the next 15 to 20 years of unit operation.

When Laird and Son install air conditioning we follow these procedures.

If there is an existing air conditioner we recover the refrigerant from the system, storing it for reclamation.

We consult with our customer for unit location and how we will run the refrigerant lines and the wiring.

We locate the condenser outside and the evaporator in the plenum above the furnace and put the lines in place.

Before we solder we put a small charge of nitrogen through the lines to prevent contamination inside the system.

After we solder the lines to the components we pressure test the system with nitrogen, and then evacuate down to 300 microns. We hold that vacuum for 15 minutes.

Then we release the refrigerant into the system and do a sub cool test to determine proper charge.

We then start the unit and go in the house to set the fan speed on the furnace for the correct temperature drop.

These details take time and a checklist is completed for each and every installation which is reviewed by Neil Laird to ensure proper procedures are maintained.

Improper installation practices will lead to component failures. Many homeowners will never know that their five year old quality air conditioner has failed because the installer either did not know or did not care how the job was completed.

Needless to say, we care and take the time to do the job right!

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