Common Causes of Buzzing Noises That Merit AC Repair or Replacement

air conditioner fan repair

Modern air conditioners are designed to operate with optimal quietness. High-efficiency AC units incorporate sound-dampening technology that is coupled with a two-stage compressor to keep the noise levels below 55 decibels. Therefore, it follows that unusual sounds emanating from your air conditioner are clear indications that your unit requires repair or an upgrade. Among the common issues that call for the assistance of a certified professional in ductless air conditioner technology is a buzzing noise, which often indicates the following problems.

Malfunctioning Compressor

The compressor is a vital component in your AC system that is tasked with raising the pressure of the refrigerant in the unit. A buzzing sound might indicate that your compressor is not functioning properly, meaning that your outdoor air conditioner is drawing low amperage.

Damaged or Missing Isolation Feet

Your AC unit has small rubber feet at the base of the system on which the unit’s compressor sits. After prolonged use, the rubber on the isolation feet can crack or disintegrate causing the compressor to become unbalanced and produce a loud buzzing noise when operating.

Loose Parts

Your AC unit is a complex system that is composed of multiple moving parts that work in sync to cool your home. If any of those parts–such as the bearings–become loose, it might cause the other sections of your system to suffer premature wear, causing a loud buzzing noise.

Frozen AC Unit

While your air conditioning system is designed to be used during the hottest periods of the year, it will freeze up sometimes. Freezing is often attributed to refrigerant leaks, and it can cause loud buzzing noises.

Electrical Problem

A buzzing sound can also be indicative of electrical problems, particularly relating to the contactors in your system. If the contact points are burnt or dirty, you can hear a buzzing sound coming from your system. Moreover, if your fan won’t start up, it is very likely that the problem has already affected the capacitor, preventing it from providing the energy needed to get the fan going.

Buzzing sounds could also result from complex or minor mechanical problems with your AC system. For instance, your fan could have a bent blade or loose bearing, or there could be insufficient lubrication on any of the moving parts. While buzzing sounds on your AC system may not sound like a priority, minor problems could cause real damage if left unattended. When you notice that your air conditioning system is making loud buzzing and other noises, you should schedule AC repair in Toronto for appropriate diagnosis and solution to the problem, if any.


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