Common Causes of Toronto Ductless Air Conditioner Problems to Avoid

Ductless air conditioners, sometimes called ductless mini-split air conditioners, have become one of the best choice in cooling systems for homes, mainly because of its compact design and its efficiency in cooling up a room without making too much noise. Despite its small size, it can actually cool more than one room, and is considered a more permanent fixture, unlike portable and window air conditioners, thus a larger investment for your home.

However, like other types of air conditioners, ductless ones also have the tendency to break down, sometimes before the expected lifespan of 12 to 15 years. One thing to remember is this type of air conditioner is usually vulnerable to high humidity or salt, therefore it’s best to install a ductless air conditioner away from areas with the given factors. Maintenance, such as regularly cleaning and changing its filters, can also help in improving the performance of your air conditioner. Tracing down your air conditioner’s problem is important to have it immediately fixed by Toronto AC repair services.

Ductless air conditioners lose their effectiveness with improper operation. Open windows and doors also lead to the AC working doubly hard to cool a room, since copious amounts of warm air are being introduced inside. This can be more than what your small air conditioner can handle, thus leading to a shorter lifespan. Moreover, charging the refrigerant has to meet the specifications of the manufacturer, or its cooling efficiency will be reduced, while overfilling the unit with refrigerant can cause complications.

If you notice that the amount of system refrigerant is getting reduced, it might because the amount is added in is incorrect or insufficient, or, at times, your system might begin to leak, which will require immediate attention from AC repair services. Adding more refrigerant won’t solve the problem, especially when your system is leaking. Furthermore, not having a proper drainage system for the condensation produced by your AC unit can also cause problems.

A Toronto ductless air conditioner offers energy efficiency and extreme levels of comfort to every home, without being too obstructive, thanks to its almost silent operation. Keep it properly maintained, and don’t hesitate to call on reliable HVAC service companies, like Laird and Son, to keep your home cool and comfy.

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