Common Issues with Your Ductless Air Conditioner that You Should Avoid

A majority of homeowners who reside in warm climates, including those having built-in air ducts are finding ductless air conditioners to be more effective for cooling individual rooms. More people are using ductless AC units as opposed to the conventional central HVAC systems. If you are evaluating both the central system and the ductless unit, you will need to consider the potential problems you might encounter with the latter and learn how to avoid them. The guide below contains information about when you need to call a technician who deals with AC repair in Toronto.

Incorrect Operation

This problem is very prominent among homeowners who use smaller AC systems, including the ductless type. If for instance, you leave a door or window open, you are likely to reduce the effectiveness of the AC unit. An open window or door typically introduces warmer air into the room, thus rendering it more difficult for a smaller unit to cool. The ultimate result is requiring the unit to work harder than it should, which eventually shortens its usable life, in addition to reduced cooling efficiency.

Inappropriate Refrigerant Charging

A refrigerant charge in any AC unit ought to meet specifications as dictated by its manufacturer to ensure proper functionality. If the technicians installing your system fail to properly this refrigerant charge, you could end up with a system that has reduced cooling capacity. It is, therefore, imperative that your installation is executed by a qualified technician to avoid complications that may emanate from undercharging and over-filling the unit with refrigerant.

System Leaks

If the system refrigerant is low, it could be either because an incorrect amount was added during installation or there could be a leak in the unit. The problem of refrigerant leakage cannot be resolved by inputting more refrigerant; you will require hiring an authorized technician who deals in repairing ductless air conditioner units to rectify the leak.

Inappropriate Maintenance

Failure to clean the filters or coils in the AC unit properly could lead to faulty system fans and compressor. If these vital components fail, the system will not work properly. You must also ensure to have the system checked by a qualified technician for wire and terminal corrosion, lest they become a problem for the entire unit.

Improper Drainage

If the condensation in your AC system is not draining properly, you could experience huge problems with your unit. Potential drainage problems are, especially prominent where the AC is not installed on a level ground, hence this task should be executed by a qualified specialist.


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