Why You Should Call a Toronto Air Conditioner Contractor

Air conditioning is a great investment that makes life extremely comfortable when it’s extremely hot. However, there are certain signs that tell you it is time to call a Toronto air conditioner contractor. When is the right time? Well, there are a variety of air conditioning problems that would be considered a clear sign that you have to get professional help:

    1. Inadequate Cooling – sometimes you hear and feel that your air conditioning system is working, and yet it doesn’t seem to be as efficient as it used to be. It does not cool the air quickly or efficiently. In most cases, the cause is ice buildup on the evaporator, which may be caused by incorrect refrigerant charge that in most cases is the reason for the leak.

    2. Low Airflow – Low airflow is a problem that may also be referred to as uneven air flow. This is usually triggered by debris that causes blockages at the registers. Another cause may be furniture that blocks registers, or filters that need to be cleaned or replaced. If the problem is not solved, the air quality in the room is affected and you will also experience increased energy consumption.

    3. Clogged Drainage – This is a problem that needs the immediate assistance of an AC specialist. Drainage blockage is often caused by algae growth, rodent or insect nests, debris, and other objects that may clog the drainage system. Also, when the end of the condensate line is immersed in water, proper drainage is not possible.

    4. Electrical Issues – Regular maintenance with a professional technician specializing in air conditioning systems is the only thing that can prevent damage produced by worn out electrical contacts. Used up electrical contacts increase energy consumption and plays a role in ice accumulation.

    5. High Noise Levels – When you first install an air conditioner system, you immediately notice the typical noise level. In time, noise levels start increasing causing a nuisance and stress for everyone in the house. In such cases, you need to call the experts. Another cause of increased noise may be an old air conditioning system, which in time needs to be replaced with a high efficiency air conditioner unit.

Regular maintenance is best to be left in the hands of the experts. It’s important to have clean blowing units, a duct system, exhaust tubes, fans, and new filters whenever the summer is approaching. Maintenance is essential for a reliable, efficient, and comfortable service.

The expected life cycle of air conditioners plays an important role in your decision to call a Toronto air conditioner expert. It is advisable that you get informed and you understand how many years your A/C unit is expected to last so you can organize your maintenance schedule, and take the necessary measures to extend its life. Contact the team at Laird & Son today to schedule a maintenance appointment for your air conditioner.

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