Four AC Compressor Problems that Need Toronto AC Repair Services

A faulty air conditioning unit can cause a lot of discomfort in a Toronto home and also involve significant costs. Air conditioners are essentials in cooling homes, and when yours  is not functioning properly, your house may not be so nice to stay in. An air conditioner with a problem will use up power without efficient results, which means you will just be wasting money on bills.

Compressor problems are some of the most common issues with air conditioners, and you have to call a professional repair service when you notice them. There are some issues that you can expect when an air conditioner compressor is faulty.

What does a Compressor Do?

The compressor is called the heart of an air conditioner. What it does is carry the refrigerant in the system, under pressure. It is the part of the unit that turns low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas. Any malfunction of the compressor will result in the loss of cooling capacity. Call for AC repair in Toronto when you notice that an air conditioner has compressor problems.

Insufficient Cooling

One of the most frequent issues with AC compressors is insufficient cooling. You may have a system in your home that is not providing particular spaces with enough cooling – aslow compressor can cause this. If an air conditioning unit is old, then the compressor may be too worn out to function optimally.
Wiring Problems

Problems with the wiring can lead to compressor malfunctions. If an air conditioner is giving you problems during start up, the something may be wrong with the wiring or the fuse. The most common symptom of a hard start up is shaking and a stuttering noise from the unit. Never attempt wiring repairs on your own. Find services for air conditioner repair in Toronto to handle it.

Motor Issues

Issues with the AC motor will also affect the compressor. Overloading the system will cause the compressor to overheat and malfunction. The best way to avoid having such problems is to take good care of the electrical system that connects to the AC.

Zero Cooling Capacity

In some circumstances, an AC may lose its cooling capacity altogether. Usually, this happens when the compressor is incapable of maintaining accurate pressure in the system. You should know the pressure gauge readings that are appropriate for your system, so you can check when they fluctuate.

For compressor problems or any issues you may have with your AC, contact a reliable Toronto HVAC contractor such as Laird and Son for help.

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