Furnace Installation, Repair, and Maintenance: Basic Tips and Tricks

Your furnace is a crucial component for your home, especially during the colder seasons. As with any other appliance, however, it is also something that requires care and maintenance. Even if it may not necessarily be the season to use it, you still have to ensure its upkeep; that way, when it’s time to get it out and running again, there will be no glitches.


The very first thing that you’ll have to deal with upon getting a furnace is its installation. Take note that the method of installation depends on what kind of unit you have—gas or electric. You’ll need to assess which part of the house the unit will best fit in. Insulation, structural integrity (particularly the windows area), and if there is an available infiltration system.

Now, furnace installation in Toronto homes, or elsewhere for that matter, is not just a simple matter of buying the appliance and then positioning it in a corner in your home. There are some connections that you’ll have to make, such as gas pipes and duct works, if in case you choose the gas type furnace.

Meanwhile, there are also wires and switches that must be handled with care in case you opted for the electric type of furnace. Either way, this is a task that is much better left in the capable hands of professionals, especially if you have no idea at all how furnaces are meant to work.

Parts Replacements & Repair

Throughout the course of its lifetime, you can expect your HVAC to have some minor issues—hopefully nothing more than that. It can be as simple as cleaning issues, or sometimes, it could be a bit more serious as needing replacements for certain parts.

This is where the advantage of hiring professionals from HVAC companies in Toronto, such as Laird and Son, come in. Their know-how and expertise put them in the best position to know what kind of replacement you should get for your unit, and where to get them exactly.

Their services offered should then also include the installation of these replacements. If anything else would be required, such as additional repairs, then there shouldn’t be any issue for them doing so since they’re already there.

Your furnace unit is an integral component of your home. Get professional services to ensure its care and maintenance for longer use.


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