Why Test Your System Before the Cold Weather Hits

Change your air filter. Change it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. One inch filters should be changed every other month unless the label states otherwise. Five inch filters should be changed every six months. If you have central air conditioning you should change your filter now. If you are uncertain how to change the filter or what filter to buy, ask your technician at your seasonal check up.

Call Laird and Son and schedule a yearly maintenance visit.

You do not need to wait for the maintenance to turn on your furnace. As long as your maintenance is performed once a year the furnace will perform well, maintaining safety and efficiency.

If your furnace does not start, check the power switch (a light switch close to the furnace). Check the breaker or check the thermostat to see if a battery light is showing. If you are not sure where these are located or how to change the batteries on the thermostat, ask the technician to show you when he is in the house.

Turn on your furnace early, as soon as you can, to test it before the cold weather sets in. If it does not start after checking the items above, call Laird and Son for service.

Laird and Son have service contracts for yearly maintenance and parts insurance. Call our office for details.

Laird and Son also have a unique policy. If you have a Laird service technician to your house, he will quote you a repair and advise you on whether or not the furnace merits the investment, or if you should consider replacement. The service technician can quote a new furnace and if you choose to proceed with the quote, the cost of the service call is rescinded. Many customers prefer to get a qualified opinion before a salesman comes to the house and this approach makes sense to them.

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