Furnace Repair Tips: Possible Problems with your Furnace Blower Motor

A faulty furnace can be the source of unending anguish for a homeowner because some areas are uninhabitable without proper heat supply. Numerous things could go wrong with your furnace, thus the need for regular servicing and maintenance.

A malfunctioning blower is one issue that your furnace may experience, leading to decreased efficiency. In a forced air system, a blower motor is responsible for circulating conditioned air, so an HVAC with a defective component will not be able to control the airflow, thereby affecting the cooling process. HVAC companies in Toronto have specialized services for such instances, but it is also helpful to know what causes them.

Dirt Accumulation

It is typical for a furnace to be exposed to dust and other dirt particles but without proper cleaning, the accumulation can lead to various issues, including a failing lower motor. The air that passes through the blower motor has to go through filters, so if they are clogged, circulation will be interrupted. Besides the filters, the vents or ductwork may also be filled with dust particulates that may reduce the rate of airflow; and, consequently, heating. A furnace repair Toronto service is a viable solution when the furnace is experiencing air filtration problems.

Mechanical Failure

Some causes of blower motor failure may be mechanical, which demand fast and efficient repair that professional HVAC companies in Toronto like Laird and Son can handle. For one, the bearing may not be in the best working condition, causing functioning issues in the motor. Another mechanical issue may be with the wheel or belt drive, which may not be operating as required.

A worn out belt drive will make it hard for the blower motor to start. Belt drives that are too tight have a tendency of wearing out faster, in addition to placing pressure on the bearings. A furnace repair expert can take a look at the intricate components of a blower motor to ensure that everything is in working condition.

An electrical failure such as the insufficient supply of voltage to the blower can result in an ineffective system. Troubles with the capacitors are other issues in your furnace. HVAC companies in Toronto can conduct thorough checks and tell you if a blower motor needs repairs or replacement because the faults may be too large to fix at times.

Get advice from the professionals on troubleshooting blower motor failure so that you can call for help when it happens.

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