Furnace Repair in Toronto: When is the Best Time to Have It Done?

Are the coming weeks going to mark the start of chilly seasons? Meteorological information appears to say so, but warm days may be thrown into the mix, too. Using data from a leading weather forecasting company, The Huffington Post Canada describes what’s in store for Canadians – especially Ontarians – this fall:

Brace yourselves, Southern Ontario: You’re in for a cool start to the fall.

That’s according to a new report from Accuweather.com predicting the weather patterns that Canada could see over the coming months.

Cooler-than-normal conditions are expected to kick off the fall season in areas from Windsor to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. A heat wave is forecast to arrive in early October before temperatures drop the following month.

Early frost is possible and winter could be cooler than normal due to a possible El Nino system, which would extend Ontarians’ pain after a polar vortex swept the province and froze the Great Lakes last year.

You can anticipate cool or frosty days even if heat waves are still possible. For this reason, you may want to consider getting professional furnace repair in Toronto done before it gets any colder—especially if you have a combined heating and cooling system. This way, you’ll be prepared for whatever type of weather strikes in the coming months.

As part of your fall/winter preparations, see to it that your furnace undergoes routine inspection and maintenance as early as possible. Your contractor can issue recommendations as to when these assessments should be performed and what tune-ups your equipment may need.

Likewise, watch out for the hidden and obvious signs of furnace damage. Be on the lookout for when it doesn’t produce enough heat to all or any of your rooms, when it turns on or off too frequently, or when the equipment operates noisily. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as cleaning or changing the air filters, while at other times, a service technician would have to perform complicated repairs.

If you want to save on your utility bill, you may also benefit from tweaking or improving your heating equipment. Heating and cooling specialists like Laird & Son can recommend replacing an old unit with a better model or installing a tankless water heater in Toronto. By taking these precautionary steps in a timely fashion, you can ensure comfort and energy efficiency in any season and for many years to come.

(Source: Canada Fall Weather Forecast Sees A Cool Start In Southern Ontario (PHOTOS), The Huffington Post Canada, August 20, 2014)

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