Furnace Repair: Understanding Furnace Filtration and Potential Issues

A heating unit is one of the essential appliances in modern homes and uses a combination of components that work together to provide warmth to your home. The heating system is a complex one, and when it starts having problems, you better watch out. Using a unit with any fault is unsafe and will not adequately serve the intended purpose. Damage to even a single component can render the whole system useless. This is why you have to get HVAC companies in Toronto to offer repair services as soon as you suspect an issue.

One problem that a furnace may have is with the filtration system. The filters in a heating system allow for proper air flow in a particular space. Damaged filters will cause many problems. Here are some common flirtation problems that you may find yourself dealing with.

Dirty Filters and their Consequences

One frequent issue is a dirty filtration system. Leaving filters without cleaning for a long time will lead to accumulation of dust and debris. In some instances, a homeowner may not be able to locate their filters, which mean they can’t clean them. A dirty filtration system will result in an inefficient unit and high energy costs because the furnace has to work harder.

For one, unclean filters will block the cooling coil. When the cooling coil is not operating, then the system will not meet its functions. You end up with an ineffective system that only eats up power. Dirty filters will also cause frost build up in the coil, which restricts air flow.

Accumulation of dirt in the duct system is another consequence of dirty filters. Too much of this, and you end up with allergen or mold problems in your home that will affect respiratory health. Find a furnace repair expert to provide suitable services in case of such problems. You should also find out the best way to keep your filter clean. Professional furnace repair companies, such as Laird and Son, provide servicing for the heating unit to keep it working for longer.

Poorly Installed and Wrongly-Sized Filters

Improper installation or wrong sized filters are also some common problems. A filter that does not fit properly will leave room for leakages. One installation mistake is bending the filter when it doesn’t fit right. Such a filter can collapse and end up in the blow fan and cause motor damage. A furnace repair service can provide suitably sized filters for your system to avoid costly repairs later.


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