HVAC Companies in Toronto Can Tell You When Your Air Ducts Need Repair

Studies show that energy losses in most homes that result from furnaces can run close to 30 percent or more. The supply ducts are designed to draw the conditioned air into rooms, while the return ducts are meant to get the air back into the furnace. Unfortunately, many homeowners have leaky ducts that tend to force the system to work harder to keep the surrounding environment in the right temperatures. With complete ductwork solutions, credible HVAC companies in Toronto can help you in solving such problems.

Duct Leakage and Indoor Air Quality

Duct leakage leads to safety and health problems since allergens, particulates, humidity, combustion by-products, and other foreign elements are all transported by airflow. Pressure imbalances that occur as a result of leakage play a major role in transporting indoor pollutants. It is important that combustion by-products flow up the chimney and then vented to the outdoors. When the return duct has leakage, it can reverse the flow of the chimneys and draw combustion by-products indoors. Duct sealing needs to be part of a larger duct retrofit job, and the repair must be carried out for optimal performance.

Leaking Ducts Clog the Air Filters

Debris that passes through the ducts clogs the filters, requiring you to make replacements frequently. If you don’t have the air filters repaired in good time, you end up with poor air quality and higher utility bills since the system has to work longer to push the air through your filter. Since the heated or cooled air escapes through the leaks, your furnace has to heat more to match the thermostat settings.

Leaks from Duct Damage

Ducts can be quickly damaged when tampered with in areas such as attics. The damage can result in problems that may need the intervention of a furnace repair company. Normally, unsecured metal or flex ducts fall apart, resulting in major losses and the outer cover can tear and lead to energy losses, and the accumulation of moisture in the inner and outer liners. A professional, like technicians from Laird and Son, should inspect the damage and have the duct sealed with a thick adhesive. Understand that the leakage can be from accidental holes or poorly connected duct sections.



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