HVAC Companies in Toronto Enlighten Homeowners on How Their ACs Work

It is not surprising to find an air conditioning unit in a typical home in Toronto these days. Data gathered from Pearson Airport’s continuous weather observation records shows that Toronto’s temperature gets hotter and hotter each decade. Not surprisingly, many households in the city turn to trusted HVAC companies in Toronto for quality AC installation and maintenance services.

In case you need to have a new AC installed in your home, it helps to understand how the system works. This way, you can identify potential problems and call a technician right away for professional troubleshooting before the damage worsens. In an article for About.com, home repair expert Bob Formisano discusses the major components of an AC and how they work—the two most important being the compressor and the condenser.

Think of the compressor as a sort of “heart” of the system pumping the refrigerant though all the refrigeration components in a big loop. Refrigerant enters the compressor as a low pressure warm vapor and leaves it as a high pressure hot vapor.

From the compressor, hot refrigerant vapor moves to the condenser. Here the high pressure hot refrigerant vapor is cooled by air blowing over finned condensing coils by the condenser fan as it moves through the finned coils. As the refrigerant “cools” it changes state from a hot vapor to a hot liquid at high pressure and moves onto the expansion valve.

These two components have a huge impact on the functionality of an AC. For instance, if your AC is not producing enough cool air even if the thermostat is correctly configured and the filters are still in good shape, it could be that either the compressor or the condenser fails to transform refrigerant into its correct state. Such a problem may lead to less heat being absorbed and released outdoors.

Keep all these factors in mind prior to air conditioning installation in Toronto so you’ll have a clear idea as to what could be responsible for the loss of cool air in your home. At any rate, entrust serious AC repair issues only to a capable contractor such as Laird and Son.

(Source: How Your Home Air Conditioning System Works, About.com)

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