Reducing Workload to Get an Efficient Unit and Avoid Costly AC Repair

Maintaining the life of an air conditioning unit can be challenging if you don’t know the steps to take. Some homeowners only think about their AC when the heat gets unbearable. Air conditioners that don’t get the attention they deserve are prone to be troublesome during their service life. A neglected unit may require you to get AC repair Toronto services too many times. Contrary to what other say, you don’t even have to do a lot to improve the functioning of your air conditioner. One simple way to improve function is to reduce the workload of an AC unit. Making an air conditioner work too hard can result in common faults that demand costly repairs. There are several ways to minimise the cooling needs that an AC has to meet.


Enhancing insulation in your home can help reduce the workload of an air conditioning unit because it improves the building envelope. The easiest way for an AC to become inefficient is to run it in a room that doesn’t provide sufficient insulation. Air ducts and crawl spaces need insulation to keep the air cool. During the initial installation, a contractor should assess the insulation conditions in your home beforehand. If that did not happen, then you can call an HVAC expert in Toronto like Laird and Son to rectify the situation. A professional will know the right type of insulation to use in your home.

Seal Leaks

Leaking ducts are common culprits in inefficient air conditioning systems. Studies show that correcting duct leaks in the home can improve the efficiency of an AC unit up to 16%. Some ducts can be difficult to fix, and that is one problem that an air conditioner repair Toronto company can take care of. An HVAC contractor can test your home for duct leaks and implement the necessary measures to improve it.

Decrease Internal Loads

Besides getting professional help, there are things you can do to reduce the internal loads. Firstly, check the number of appliances in use when running an AC. The higher the number of appliances operating in the home, the more the load on the AC. You can try and use some devices when it’s cooler. Something else that would help is using a fan in combination with the cooling unit. Fans will remove the humidity in a room and keep cool air circulating, meaning that an AC will not have to work as much to attain desirable temperatures. Using shades and blinds on windows also helps to keep the cooling loads low. Getting the right unit for your home cooling need also matters.


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