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There is an old saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. It is certainly a sign of respect. Laird and Son demonstrates this respect in several ways.

We participate in the effort to recycle all mercury bulb thermostats. You have seen them; every house had one. There were the round dial thermostats and the lever adjusted thermostats with an internal mercury ball. For the last decade we have been sending these controls to a recycling station in sealed containers to prevent mercury being released into landfill sites. We follow prescribed guidelines for recycling refrigerant, claiming it and returning it to manufacturers for reprocessing, preventing the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

We guarantee your old equipment will be removed from your property and recycled. In special cases we use Technical Standard and Safety certified removal companies who observe removal and disposal protocol for hazardous wastes such as fuel oil and asbestos. These HVAC companies and their employees have the licenses, the insurance and the experience to do the work for which we contract them.

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Workplace Safety Guidelines

We work closely with the Workers Safety and Insurance Board to ensure we are practicing workplace safety guidelines. Our workers keep a clean and orderly work area in our shop and in your home. We respect our tools and set up procedures. Our conduct is professional and respecting of your home and our responsibilities to you our customer. We take no chances with personal safety. We clean up after ourselves and leave no mess. We remove all debris and metal from your property. We take our garbage with us.

We wear property footwear, clothing and safety protection. Our trucks are maintained and kept in good condition. Our staff work proper hours and have most weekends off to be with their families.

When it comes to cleanliness and safety, Laird and Son is black and white with no grey areas. From our family to yours, doing the job the way you would have asked it to be done if you had known what questions to ask. Don’t worry about it, we knew.

Canada’s Oldest Independent Lennox Dealer

We provide the most efficient energy solutions for any home. As Canada’s oldest independent Lennox dealer we sell the most efficient furnace and air conditioner available today and higher efficiencies preserve the environment and our future. Our comfort consultants are specially trained in sizing and tailoring systems that will maximize your energy savings.

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