Air Conditioner and Furnace Replacement in Toronto

Are you ready for the big question?

When should you replace your existing furnace, air conditioner, boiler, ductless, attic system, etc.?

And the answer is…when you decide you want to replace it. But, you should be informed. It is a good idea to know the reasons why you would want to replace your heating or cooling system.


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Top 5 Reasons for Heating and Cooling Replacement

  1. It’s dangerous. If your unit is creating high levels of carbon monoxide or if there is a chance that it could, you need to replace it now. Many people receive red tags and are told that their systems are unsafe. Some technicians are accused issuing red tags and condemning furnaces to get sales. Laird and Son discourages any such behaviour. However, in the majority of cases, a red tag means danger and you need to act to preserve your family’s health and safety.

  2. It’s unreliable. This is when you change the unit to prevent the discomfort of a broken unit when you need it most. At Laird and Son you can rely on your serviceman’s opinion and he can offer you a replacement cost on the spot. This is very convenient and time saving.

  3. It’s inefficient. Some replacements will actually save you money. Your savings in utilities will pay for the cost of the new unit (over time of course). This is definitely worth considering and discussing with a Laird and Son salesperson.

  4. It’s too noisy. Noise is the number one complaint with furnaces and air conditioners. We can design the quietest systems imaginable to suit every situation. A comfort consultant will be pleased to discuss sound levels and suitable equipment for your home.

  5. We need more space. We offer a variety of space-saving furnaces, air conditioners and water heaters. Consult with us for your best options in gaining precious space. Planning is everything. Find out what you can do before you start your renovations. A consultant from Laird and Son will offer you some insights your contractor might not be aware of.

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Enhance your Lifestyle

Our sales staff are available to discuss air conditioner, water heater, and furnace replacement options in Toronto. It is important to take the time to find out what is available to enhance your lifestyle. It is important to find out what you could be missing. You never miss the comfort you could have had, until you see someone who has it. Then you kick yourself.

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