Should You Switch to a High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Gas is all the rave because it is cheap. And compared to oil or propane ,savings are 50% or more. So if you are switching to gas you need to know a few details. You must first get a quote from a licensed contractor. Laird and Son Oil division have been converting customers from oil to gas for over 60 years (without a single incident). We, as your contractor, will discuss the gas meter location with you. When you have settled upon a location that meets with code provisions Laird will mark the spot and order the gas.

It will then take six to eight weeks for Enbridge gas to clear permits, get locates, and install the meter. Once the meter is installed Laird will remove all the existing equipment, including the oil tank and any residual fuel and install your new heating appliance, connecting it to the gas meter. The final step is to have Enbridge inspect the installation and unlock the meter. We can complete most oil to gas installations in one day, limiting the time the house is without heat.

If you install a gas meter and have a full tank of oil, no worry. Enbridge allows you up to six months to connect to the meter. We can time the installation to use up your oil. There are no meter charges until the inspection and unlock.

All work is performed by Laird employees except the removal. We hire CDR removals who are a TSSA licensed contractor. Their expertise is unmatched in our industry.

Whether you have a century old oil boiler that once was coal fired, or an octopus warm air system, or a tank under a porch or hidden behind a wall, Laird has done many jobs like yours. George Laird started this business converting coal systems to oil burners. Call for a free quote.

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