Some Advances in Furnace Installation Found in Many Toronto Properties

There is no doubt that Toronto residents must deal with some decidedly cold temperatures. However, recent advances in regards to furnace technologies have taken much of the bite out of the air during winter months. What have we seen over the past few years and what might we expect in the near future?

The Use of the “Combi” Boiler

Many homes and businesses now employ what is known as a combination boiler. Sometimes referred to simply as a “combi” boiler, these units can produce a great deal of heat while simultaneously reducing energy costs. This arises from the fact that combi boilers have no external hot water cylinder. Instead, the central heating boiler and the water heater are contained within a single unit. This can also save a great deal of space–ideal for addressing the needs of smaller homes and businesses.

Advances in Furnace Insulation

The efficiency of any furnace is directly related to how well the warm water can be insulated against an outside environment. Thankfully, some cutting-edge materials are now being used. Refractory ceramic fibres are one example of this modern approach. Ceramic fibre is lightweight and extremely durable. As it is thinner than traditional options such as firebrick, it is easier to install and maintain. Most HVAC companies that specialise in furnace installation in Toronto, such as Laird and Son, are aware of these qualities. In fact, refractory ceramic fibres have been used within kilns and large industrial furnaces for decades. It is only in recent times that they have become present throughout commercial and residential locations. Once again, this material can save the owner money and reduce energy costs over time.

The Use of Computers

It only makes sense that computers should be involved with modern furnace installation and repairs. These systems are able to provide highly accurate measurements and in many cases, they can detect a minor issue before it spirals into a major (and costly) problem. The majority of technicians will now use such on-site method to quickly diagnose how a furnace is functioning and whether or not it can be made to run more efficiently.

As a result of these advancements, Toronto customers can now enjoy even higher levels of comfort and reliability.

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