Spring Home Maintenance Tips from Laird & Son

air conditioner repair torontoSpring is a marvelous season that has the power to lift your spirits and brighten up your home and garden after those dark long winter months. But when the warmer weather comes, you may start to notice things around your home that need some improving.

As a well-established heating and air conditioning provider, Laird & Son has a profound understanding of home maintenance and how important it is to conduct it regularly. Drawing on more than 60 years of diversified experience, we have brought you a list of spring home maintenance tips to help you can get everything done quickly and enjoy the fresh air of spring time:

  • Schedule a checkup for your air conditioning system to make sure that it is all ready to function for the upcoming summer season. Professional experts in cooling and heating systems will know how to perform a thorough cleaning of your AC system, especially to the outside unit, so that it runs optimally during the hot summer months. A qualified heating and cooling contractor will inform you about the importance of clean coils and regularly changed filters for peak performance of your air conditioning system.
  • Spring usually means more rain and that means more pressure on your gutters. One of the essential spring home maintenance tips entails a thorough check for loose or leaky gutters. Drainage should be perfect during the spring to avoid water getting into crawl space or even the basement. Protect your home structure by making sure downspouts drain away from the foundation.
  • Clear any tall grass or plants around your air conditioning unit. In order to work efficiently, the compressor needs adequate airflow. Create space around the unit with a little pruning.
  • If you like to keep your windows open to cool your home in summer, clean and repair your screens. Gently scrub the mesh with soap and water, and patch any holes, or replace entire screens if necessary.
  • Do a visual inspection of your roof shingles to see if you’ve lost any during the winter. You’ll need to replace cracked, buckled or loose shingles before the summer sun hits and causes more damage. It is best to have a professional roofer examine your roof particularly around any skylights, plumbing vents, and chimneys. If you do this inspection in the beginning of spring, you have time to budget for replacement and have your roof in top shape by the time spring is over.
  • It is also very important that all of your outside hose faucets are working properly. They can be damaged by the cold during the freezing winter months and you need to make sure that neither the faucets nor the pipes have been damaged in any way. The same checkup applies for your garden hose or hoses that you have to check for dry rot.

Start with these spring home maintenance tips, and you’ll have your house ready for the summer months in no time! If you have more questions about your home’s heating or cooling system, talk with an expert at Laird & Son for professional advice.

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