Telltale Signs that You Need Furnace Repair Help from Professionals

As the summer season comes to a close, the last thing you’d want is for you to be caught unprepared for the incoming cold season.  Ideally, you should get started on checking up on the state of your furnace and other heating systems even before summer bids farewell for good. This way, you’ll still have enough time to get proper furnace repair from Toronto companies.

Actually, it shouldn’t even matter what time of the year it is. You should ideally be attentive to the care and maintenance needs of your HVAC units to avoid experiencing any uncomfortable or inconvenient situations. In case you’re not fully certain, here are some clues that you may need to call in professional repair services to check out your furnace unit.

Pilot Light or Ignition

One of the more common issues that furnace owners encounter is that older gas furnace models tend to become faulty and compromised over time. The cause of the problem can be as simple and basic as the pilot orifice being clogged and unclean. It could also be that the furnace does not have enough gas anymore, in which case you just have to refill it.

If, however, the pilot light still refuses to work despite making sure to check for the aforementioned possibilities, it may be a case that’s worth calling a professional for. Especially because it deals with gas, it’s much better if you do not take matters into your own hands.

Heating Problems

Is your furnace not heating up as much as it should? It could be a simple matter of having something blocking the air flow, or the thermostat not being properly set. Sometimes, the dirty filter also compromises the functionality of your heater.

There are cases, however, when the system blower no longer responds to the machine commands, in which case there is probably something more serious causing the lack of activity from the furnace, such as a broken circuit breaker on the unit, or a blown fuse.

Turning On and Off

Normally, this shouldn’t happen. If you have a combustion furnace, it’s more likely to act out this way. This is usually connected to thermostat issues, so unless you have had experience dealing with the thermostat problem, you’re better off getting help from HVAC companies in Toronto, such as Laird and Son.

When it comes to your HVAC needs, you don’t want to risk putting it in the hands of amateurs. Make sure to go for professional services to save you on costs and guarantee your safety.


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