Three Ideas for Using a Ductless Air Conditioner as a Design Element

By now, you might have heard that many homeowners in Toronto choose ductless air conditioner systems. They do this for reasons that include easier installation, energy and space-saving, and room-by-room control. All well, good, and necessary, one must say – everyone deserves maximum efficiency and convenience from their appliances.

However, there’s one other factor that could make the ductless AC more popular. Depending on your room style, it could be integrated into the space as a key design element.

You might be thinking: How can a ductless AC be good for design when it’s a boxy installation and a ducted one can just “disappear” into a wall?

These three ideas might change your mind.

A modern minimalist accent

Imagine a modern, minimalist room: white walls, pale wooden floorboards, white furniture, several black-rimmed décor like picture frames or plant boxes… and is that a sleek, futuristic sculpture? No – it could very well just be your ductless AC, installed lengthwise along the wall.

Rather than be an intrusion, the appliance could blend in as an accent in a space like this. Think about it for your living room or foyer.

A shelf secret, or cabinet centerpiece

Now, imagine a den or study lined with cabinets or shelving. It’s your sanctuary, and you would love nothing more than for it to be the most soothing and comfortable room in your house. Why not install a ductless AC inside a shelf? It will keep your sanctuary cool – not to mention add a touch of levity and probably serve as an unusual conversation piece.

Entertainment room shelving often feature video our sound systems as their centerpiece. Slipping in a different kind of electronic on your topmost shelf, where it can stay discreetly, is a reasonable plan if your shelves are sturdy enough.

A reason for fancy grillwork

If you’ve always loved the sight of elaborate grillwork, yet have never lived in a house where the architecture allows them, ductless ACs might help you get them in. Fabricate a custom iron frame that can hold your unit, and position it wherever it best adds flair. It won’t be your traditional architectural feature, but it can still put charm to your home.

However you want to go about it, using ductless ACs as unconventional design elements means you’d need to be extremely picky about the color, size, shape, and appearance of units. Finding the one right for your room might get tricky, but your go-to-guy for AC installation and AC repair in Toronto might know where you can get it.

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