Tips on Troubleshooting Ductless Air Conditioner Units in Toronto

Also known as “mini-splits”, ductless air conditioners are popular options within many homes and businesses. These are ideal units when traditional systems, where a portion of the unit is hanging out the window, may not be possible. Still, there are some problems which will inevitably occur from time to time. Here are a a handful of the most common issues to appreciate why hiring an expert is always the best option.

No Cool Air is Exiting

Perhaps the most common issue is when the unit is running and there is little or no cold air emerging from the fans. In the majority of cases, this is due to a clogged air filter. Many experts advise that the filter should be cleaned at least once each month). Modern filters can be removed quickly and washed. Still, it is wise to speak with a professional if the filter is difficult to access or if the debris cannot be wiped away easily.

A lack of cold air may also be due to low levels of refrigerant, although this is not common with newer models. Instead, the amount of coolant may not be appropriate for the specific design in question. A technician will perform what is known as a load calculation. This can help to determine if a larger refrigerant storage tank is required when you call for AC repair in Toronto from companies like Laird and Son.

Leaking Water

Much like traditional air conditioners, there can be times when the unit appears to be leaking water. This may be caused by a blocked drainage hose. Those who service a ductless air conditioner in Toronto will examine this hose and use a special cleaning fluid to remove the build-up of any dirt and debris. Once the hose is reattached, the device will then be restarted to ensure that the leak has been fixed.

These are three of the most common problems associated with ductless air conditioners. We should keep in mind, however, that such issues tend to be quite rare. Modern units are able to offer years of reliable use and they are extremely low-maintenance options. Ductless air conditioners are also very energy efficient; enabling the consumer to save a great deal of money over time. At the first sign of any issue, it is prudent to contact a specialist.


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