Toronto Furnace Repair Company Warns Homeowners on DIY HVAC Repairs

Toronto, Ontario (July 22, 2014) – Laird and Son Heating and Air-Conditioning, a respected Toronto furnace repair company, advises homeowners to keep calm amid heating system breakdowns during winter season. Instead of creating hazardous DIY heating setups and make-shift fixes, homeowners are instead advised to immediately contact a qualified and certified HVAC company like them to discuss options and ensure that repair jobs go smoothly and are done properly.

To give clear examples of how potentially dangerous some self-medicated furnace repairs are, Laird and Son shares three of the most bizarre heating alternatives their technicians have seen while on the job:

1) The Frat House: During a general inspection job for the furnace unit at a fraternity house, a property owner and an HVAC technician were surprised to see a curious heating setup students obviously rigged. Fraternity members, it seems, used an exhaust tubing bought from a local hardware store as some form of substitute pipe to bring heat into the room. While creative, this setup is a clear fire hazard and outright dangerous. The property owner made the right decision to remove the make-shift device, had a long discussion with the inventive students, and hadthe technician do his job.

2) The Plastic House: Another ridiculous case Laird and Son HVAC technicians found is a call to see a vintage furnace unit that stopped working. Besides the outdated heating system, the technicians noted serious economic and environmental issue were present as the homeowner used plastic bags as wallpaper and insulator. These resulted in a heated home, yes, but also led to a lack of proper ventilation and poor air quality.

3) Power bars and heated blankets: Last on the list of bizarre heating alternatives is one Toronto home that made use of heating blankets as an alternative to furnaces or proper household heating systems. While presenting itself as a cheap way to heat any home up, risks of catching fire are high as people living in the property leave the blankets unattended or even fall asleep without unplugging them. A total of 15 heated blankets and Mylar heat retention brands were placed throughout the place like on couches, chairs, and beds.

Visiting should help people get emergency furnace repair in Toronto and not have to resort to using creatively dangerous solutions. Only trained HVAC technicians can properly fix furnaces and complicated heating systems.

About Laird and Son Heating and Air-Conditioning

Laird and Son is a trusted name in the heating and cooling industry operating in the Greater Toronto Area. The company boasts of knowledgeable technicians in its roster, and years of superb customer service under its belt.

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