What is a Ductless Air Conditioner in Toronto and How Does it Work?

Ductless air conditioning is a great option if you live in an old house which doesn’t have ducts already installed, or if you want the cool breeze without the large price tag. They also remove the need to install window units when the weather heats up and then having to find somewhere to store them out of season. Ductless units are often more efficient than the regular window units; they are even saving you money compared to a regular system whilst they are running.

What Components Do Ductless Air Conditioners Contain?

The ductless air conditioning unit is composed of two very small components. These components are the reason why the ductless system is often called aMini Split or a Ductless Split System. These components are:

One compressor unit. This is usually installed outside your home and on concrete.
One indoor unit. This part contains a fan and will be installed on an exterior wall near the ceiling.

This simple set up is joined by copper refrigerant lines which are sent through two small holes in the wall. The outdoor unit will supply all the energy that the indoor unit needs, so this will prevent any nasty wires hanging around.

How Do Ductless Air Conditioning Units Work?

They are essentially the same as a standard unit with ducts, but are zoned to the room that they are installed in. You can have multiple units installed in different rooms so you can keep wherever you like cool at any time.

When the ductless unit is activated, the outdoor system cools the copper lines which connect the two components. The fan in the inside unit distributes the cooled air by beginning to spin, and because cool air is lighter than warm air, the warm air rises out of the way whilst the cool air falls. Another great thing about ductless units is that the noise pollution they produce is far less than that of a traditional air conditioner system. They are also known to use less energy.

To find out more about ductless air conditioning, its advantages, the installation process, as well as how often it will require AC repair in its service life, contact professional heating and cooling contractors in Toronto such as Laird and Son., Let your choice of a ductless air conditioning system effectively cool your home whist giving you superior air quality.


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