What is Radiant Heat?

radiant floor heating torontoAlthough radiant floor heating seems like an invention of modern times, the concept is in fact as old as the ancient Roman civilizations. The principle of radiant heat resides in radiant heat transfer, which can be defined as delivering heat from a hot surface to the people and objects in a room via infrared radiation. The best way to answer the question, “What is radiant heat?” is to remember how you can feel the warmth of a hot stovetop from across the room. Radiant heat flooring works in the very same way, with a heat source emitting warmth and heating up anything in close proximity to it. Hot water travels through tubes underneath the floor and warms it up. The heat radiates up from the floor and warms everything that it comes in contact with including people.

There are many benefits to radiant heating versus conventional heating systems. Comfort is the most obvious of its advantages. It is the highest standard of comfort in the heating industry. Radiant heat provides even temperatures in every corner of your house but also exceptionally clean air and therefore a healthier living environment, as there are no duct works to circulate allergens and dust inside the home. In addition, radiant heat does not impact the aesthetics of your home. There are no floor vents, air registers, or unsightly ductwork. One more advantage of radiant floor heating is the lack of noise indoors as there are no mechanical blowers either.

So what is radiant heat? It is a type of heating system that is more energy efficient compared to forced air heating systems. To make things even more attractive, radiant heat does not interfere with your design possibilities in any way. For many homeowners, this exceptional freedom in design is highly appreciated. The perfectly even temperatures leave radiant floor heating always feeling just right. Hot air no longer collects at the ceiling wasting energy. You will understand that you are experiencing the optimum level of comfort as you notice the absence of discomfort. No cold floors to chill your feet and no hot air to blow on you. The things you don’t see, hear, or feel are the difference that radiant heat makes in a home.

Radiant heat is the ideal home heating system as it is perfectly compatible with any type of floor covering that you can think of. Whether you prefer ceramic or porcelain tiles, concrete, slate, hardwood, or linoleum, radiant heat is the match you’ve been looking for. Even if you want to have carpets on the floor, you can still install radiant heat.. In addition, radiant heat can be used in other applications as well such as maintaining driveways clean and dry during the winter, which eliminates salting, shoveling, and sanding. That translates into lower maintenance costs, extended life of concrete slabs, and no disturbing noise from snow blowers, reduced risks of accidents associated with slippery walkways, and no snow, salt or sand tracked into your home.

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