Annual Cleaning for Furnace and Air Conditioner Units

Furnace and air conditioner cleaning is an essential maintenance measure that extends the life of your heating and cooling equipment. Regular maintenance of your furnace and air conditioning unit saves you headaches and troubles down the road and allows you to enjoy reliable and efficient service for years.

At the beginning of each heating or cooling season, you should have a professional heating and cooling expert perform the following maintenance on your system:

Furnace Cleaning & Maintenance Must-do’s

The furnace is a crucial component of the heating system. It requires annual cleaning at the beginning of the heating season to ensure a reliable and smooth operation. A yearly furnace service from a professional will be helpful in avoiding any unexpected breakdowns in the middle of the winter.

  • Replacing or Cleaning the Filter – There are two types of furnace filters: replaceable and permanent filters. This is a procedure that not only keeps your home clean, but also protects the blowing unit, which could otherwise be damaged by dirt and debris.
  • Cleaning the Blower Unit – The blower is behind the fan unit, which is removed to access the blower and clean it.
  • Cleaning the Duct System – Cleaning the duct system thoroughly is highly recommended by experts in the field. There are many benefits that come with duct cleaning, including improved air quality, increased furnace efficiency, better airflow, and reduced energy costs. It also eliminates allergens, dust, and molds in your home.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Must Do’s

Air conditioner cleaning involves cleaning both the indoor and the outdoor units before the summer season begins. Schedule your A/C maintenance appointment early to beat the heat.

  • Replacing the Air Filter – make sure you purchase the right filter. To avoid any confusion, bring the old filter to the store with you or call our service department.
  • Vacuuming the Blower Compartment – Dust and debris will eventually damage the blower unit if they are not properly removed and cleaned, so it’s important not to have professionals carry out this procedure.
  • Removing Algae – Algae can build up in the plastic condensation tube and sometimes they can be cleaned or simply replaced.
  • Cleaning the Condenser Fins – This is a delicate job as it requires a lot of attention and expertise as the fins can easily be damaged when vacuuming. An A/C professional will be able to clean your unit carefully and avoid damage.
  • Cleaning the Fan – Fans need to be properly cleaned and extra caution needs to be taken to not damage the electrical connections.

Regular yearly maintenance of your heating and cooling system should provide smooth operation when needed and help extend the life of the equipment. Contact the furnace and air conditioning service experts at Laird & Son to keep your equipment running smoothly.

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