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AC Installation and Air Conditioning Repair in Toronto

We are HVAC specialists, handling several different types and brands of cooling systems, including Lennox and Rheem central air conditioners, as well as Mitsubishi mini split ductless AC units and attic setups for homes without duct work.

Searching for a heating and cooling contractor to help turn your home into a cool, comfortable oasis? Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect air conditioning system for your home.

Skilled AC Repair and Install

Before making a final decision on your new AC units, be sure to hire a skilled HVAC company like Laird and Son to measure your home and your ducts. An oversized unit keeps your home too cold and will not dehumidify; whereas an undersized unit will not be able to sufficiently cool your home. So, it pays to have your home’s measurements taken to ensure the perfect fit. Our comfort consultants will also take into consideration duct sizing and airflow.

We will size your evaporator coil and change your plenum if necessary to maximize your efficiency. With hydro rates threatening to skyrocket, efficiencies will become increasingly critical.




If you are in need of a ductless air conditioner, our team of specialists can help. We are experts in cooling homes without ductwork, utilizing attic systems and mini split air effectively. And by using trusted employees with specific product training we ensure the proper maintenance of your home and the proper operation of your setup. We are certified Mitsubishi ductless air conditioner technicians and certified Unico high velocity attic system installers.

Laird and Son is a quality Toronto air conditioning repair and service company that always follows manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and never takes short cuts. Our precautions will save our customers the inconvenience of breakdowns when they desperately need their air conditioners. All of our skilled installers and service technicians are licensed, certified, and factory trained. This means that you can feel confident knowing that your new unit will be installed correctly.

Service and Maintenance

If you have an existing cooling unit, Laird and Son can provide repair and maintenance services that you can count on. It is essential to keep your existing duct-less AC system clean and well-maintained in order to facilitate its maximum efficiency. If your unit has dirty air filters, a dirty condenser (on an outdoor unit), or a dirty evaporator coil, then the appliance may be strained and its performance compromised. Google+

For maintenance, repairs or installation, contact Laird and Son, your downtown GTA HVAC experts.


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