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We are home comfort specialists, handling several different types and brands of cooling systems, including Lennox and Napolean air conditioners, as well as Mitsubishi mini split ductless AC units and attic setups for homes without duct work.

Searching for heating and cooling contractors in Toronto can be difficult during the busy summer months. Laird and Son pride themselves on being Toronto’s Heating and Air Conditioner repair go-to for anyone in a bind or looking to establish a maintenance schedule. We are cooling Toronto homes and offices one at a time! Contact us today and let us show you how prideful we are about air conditioner maintenance.

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A Skilled AC Repair Company in Toronto Ontario

Before making a final decision on your residential and commercial HVAC, be sure to consult an expert HVAC company like Laird and Son to determine the correct forced air system for your building, and plan for the best indoor air quality achievable. When working with you, we focus primarily on air filtration and duct cleaning to consistently keep your air cleaner. Our certified HVAC contractor always assess this before we repair air conditioners or heating systems. Educating our customers is also part of the job, be it in person or online.

We like to discuss preventive maintenance plans and the maintenance program we offer, proper gas line installation, home trade standards, and importantly the frequent testing of carbon monoxide alarms.  Air conditioning installation and repair is more than just an appointment.

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A Top Ductless Air conditioner Installer in Toronto

If you are in need of a ductless air conditioner, our team of specialists can help. We are experts in cooling homes without ductwork, utilizing attic systems and mini split air effectively. And by using trusted employees with specific product training we ensure the proper maintenance of your home and the proper operation of your setup. We are certified for Mitsubishi ductless AC installs and Unico high velocity attic systems.

Ductless Air Service and Maintenance: If you have an existing cooling unit, Laird and Son can provide repair and maintenance services that you can count on. It is essential to keep your existing duct-less AC system clean and well-maintained in order to facilitate its maximum efficiency. If your unit has dirty air filters, a dirty condenser (on an outdoor unit), or a dirty evaporator coil, then the appliance may be strained and its performance compromised. For maintenance, repairs or installation, contact Laird and Son, one of the air conditioner companies Toronto residents have rated as best in service and customer care.

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Understanding How Air Conditioning Systems Work

When you think of air conditioning, you probably think of the cold blast of air that the air conditioner produces. However, the science that is used to cool your home deals with the transference of heat. When heat is removed or lost in your home, the air is cool and it keeps your home comfortable. In order to properly understand the capacities and purpose of air conditioning systems, you must understand how each of the major components works. The two key components of an air conditioning unit is the indoor and the outdoor element. If you'd like to learn more technical knowledge, please read on.

The Indoor Unit: Oftentimes, the indoor unit is located near the furnace air system and is housed in a closet or in the basement of your property. Business owners often have their commercial AC units on the rooftop of the establishment. This unit contains a coil box called an evaporator. The coil piping in an evaporator unit contains a refrigerant, such as Freon. This cooling fluid absorbs the heat in your home and causes heat to evaporates from inside the home. Once the heat has been totally absorbed, only cool air remains, which is then sent back into the home in the form of cool air.

This system is based on the science of heat transfer much like boiling water. When you place water on the stove to boil, the water absorbs the heat. The refrigerant, which is liquid, turns into a vapour as it absorbs heat just like water evaporates as it boils.

The Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your AC system is typically located on the side or rear of the home. It is generally out of eyesight for aesthetics. This unit disperses the heat that is pulled from your home's interior. This unit contains a fan, a condenser coil and a compressor. The heat that is transferred from the house to the refrigerant is pumped outdoors via the outdoor unit. This heat is removed from the refrigerant as it passes through the compressor to the outdoor coil.

The compressor of your air conditioning unit is responsible for moving your unit's refrigerant through the system. This is the reason that the refrigerant used to cool your house is able to be reused. The refrigerant is compressed using high pressure. From the compressor, the refrigerant travels to the condenser. As the refrigerant is passed through the condenser, the unit's fan blows ambient air across the coil to cool the refrigerant back down.

The final process removes heat from your home via direct vent, and disperses it to the outside before the refrigerant is pumped back indoors and the entire process is repeated again.

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Humidity Is A Factor

One thing to consider when trying to keep your home cool in the summer are humidity levels. An air conditioning system removes excess humidity from the home's interior air to make it more comfortable. This excess humidity can be taxing on your air conditioning components and can affect the air conditioner's efficiency, especially in the summer months. Continue reading to learn more about how you can decrease the humidity in your home to ensure your home stays comfortably cool.

Humidity Levels and Air Conditioning Systems

When an air conditioning system is properly working, it will remove both heat and moisture from the interior of your home, which will help create a comfortable environment that is cool and dry. If enough humidity and heat are not removed, your comfort level may not be achieved, even if you lower the temperature setting on your air conditioning system. When humidity levels are high, the air conditioning system must work harder to maintain a comfortable cool temperature. If your air conditioning system is old, the wrong size or inefficient, it may not be able to properly cool your home. Your home will also feel warmer because the excess is not being removed and/or transferred outdoors. Your central air conditioning system will work harder in longer intervals.

When your system must work harder, your utility bills will increase and the unit will experience more wear and tear.

A Top Ductless Air conditioner Installer in Toronto

It should be noted that a larger air conditioning system will not produce any better cooling effects. In theory it can transfer the heat faster, but the conditions may remain uncomfortable. This is why your central air conditioning unit must be properly sized by a professional. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about how an air conditioning professional determines the correct sized unit for your home and important questions you should always ask when getting an estimate for a central air conditioning unit.

If your central air conditioning system is noticeably not achieving its potential, you should assume that there is excess moisture in your household. Some of the signs of excess moisture in the home include:

* The air inside your home feels moist
* Your home smells damp or musty
* Your windows fog up in warm weather
* If you are experiencing any of these indicators, you should take action.

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Not Just An Air conditioning Company in Toronto...

One of the reliable and efficient ways to lower humidity in the home is to have a dehumidifier installed on your heating and cooling system. The dehumidifier works alongside the air conditioning unit to remove humidity from the air before the cool air is returned via the air ducts in your home. Having a dehumidifier added to your HVAC system is the best way to properly manage both humidity levels and temperature control inside your home.

Laird & Son doesn't just specialize in AC Repairs, we can help with your gas furnace repairs, furnace installation, water heaters repair, and high efficiency furnace maintenance. Living in Canada presents drastic changes in season, so we make sure we are available and your HVAC solutions specialists.

The Fall/Winter is heater repairs and heating installation, and the Spring/Summer brings central air conditioner jobs. Repairing air conditioning, be it ductless air condition or central air, we will send our best air condition contractor to get the unit installed before the heat arrives. We do everything all year round, and even service tankless water heater, hot water tanks, heat pumps, hot water heater installation, boiler maintenance, and duct cleaning. We service all of the GTA, specifically Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, East York, Scarborough, and Downtown Toronto. Please refer to our service map to see all of our areas of service!

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