Who Needs Heating and Air Conditioning Financing?

Who needs financing? The answer is simple. I do. You do. Your neighbour needs financing. Because surprises turn up in every single life. Many people use a line of credit to pay for home improvements. But then something unexpected occurs. Maybe your furnace fails or your air conditioner breaks. Or maybe the third floor of your new home is unbearable in the summer and you have used all of your available funds for upgrades.

SNAP Financial Services

Really, it’s no problem. At Laird and Son Heating and Air conditioning we have financing available through SNAP financial services. You can finance your new furnace, air conditioner or complete system at reasonable interest rates with no down payment. Monthly payments are lowered with 12 year terms that allow you to pay down or pay off the loan at any time with no penalty.

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No Need to Compromise on Quality

Many people when short on funds will compromise quality and buy cheaper equipment. They also compromise on comfort and efficiency. They won’t add a humidifier that will keep their skin from drying out in the winter, or the air cleaner that will help with allergies in the fall. They won’t go for the quiet air conditioner that they won’t hear when they sit in the garden in the sweet summer nights.

They won’t put in the tankless water heater that will fill the soaker tub and will instead sit in it half full because they have run out of hot water. They won’t put in the ductless air conditioner for the master bedroom that is still too stinking hot in spite of the central air conditioning. They won’t put in the quietest furnace even though they want to listen to their music without turning up the volume every time the furnace comes on. There are many things they won’t do that they could have done had they financed a system.

Financing opens the door to the very best in the climate control of your home. You will never miss the comfort you could have had until you realize you could have had it. You can upgrade your system from the basic to the best for the cost of a cup of coffee a day. And the utility savings of an upgraded system will usually pay for itself.

Financing makes sense. And at Laird and Son we have tremendous success getting our customers approved. The process is straightforward and can be completed at your kitchen table on an ipad. We take the discomfort out of financing. And we applaud better comfort solutions and increased efficiencies that improve well being for our customers. And if reliable financing makes this possible, that is wonderful.

And remember, the quality of your system also reflects on it’s benefits to the environment. Hydro savings, gas savings, low NOx emissions, all add up to a greener home. Don’t compromise, finance instead.


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