Mistubishi Ductless Air Conditioning Units

Laird and Son install top-rated Mitsubishi air products. These units can be cooling only or can be cooling/heating heat pumps. You can install single units with only one air handler or multi units with up to eight air handlers operating off of a single condenser outside the house.

The benefits of ductless AC units are zone cooling and precise control of temperatures. The units are controlled via hand held remotes that operate in the area where you want the cooling. The systems modulate which means they have a variable speed output that adjusts to deliver the perfect set temperature. And with that comes a consistent dehumidification that provides unmatched comfort. If you have a room or an addition that needs separate conditioning a ductless system will be perfect.


Whisper Quiet Ductless Air Conditioner Installs

Laird and Son install single ductless systems to cool entire homes with great customer satisfaction. The amount of cold air the units generate is incredible. And cold air is heavy and falls with gravity. We locate the ductless heads high up so cool air drops to the lower floor after cooling the upper levels. It is a perfect scenario contrasting with central air conditioning where a furnace has to push cold air to the upper levels, very unsuccessfully.

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Outdoor Air Conditioner Units in the GTA

An air conditioner by Mitsubishi is the quietest unit you will never hear outside the house. The indoor units are also whisper quiet. There is a filter in the indoor unit that is easy to remove and wash and reinstall. Many of our customers do it without the aid of a technician. We often put the outdoor units on a bracket on the outside wall of the house, saving precious yard and garden space in the city.

Other applications for ductless air conditioning systems include: homes with electric baseboard heating, additions with no ducted cooling or heating, churches, nursing homes, store fronts, restaurants, computer rooms or other areas which require additional cooling.

Proudly Serving the GTA for 70 Years

At Laird & Son Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been installing air conditioning systems for over a decade and, in many cases, they have proven to be more effective than central air conditioners. Our company has proudly served the older homes of central Toronto for over 70 years, and we have selected and installed hundreds of units. Let us help you pick the right system for your particular needs. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate.

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