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The Best Emergency Furnace Repair Service in Toronto

At Laird and Son we offer a broad range of heating and cooling services, as well as furnace repairs in Toronto. From installing new furnace and heating units, air conditioners, heat pumps and boilers to ductless air conditioners and attic air conditioner units. We install full duct systems and high velocity duct systems. We install air handlers that use hot water to warm air and air handlers that use electric heaters.

We install combination boilers and tankless water heaters, indirect water heaters that use hot water from a boiler to heat water for the house. To connect these systems, we install in-floor heating, plumbing, and radiators systems to the boiler. Our team also installs air quality systems, a variety of filters, and a range of humidifiers to suit your home's needs.

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High Efficiency Heating Repairs in the GTA

Enhanced filters can be installed to improve air quality in the home. Only high efficiency gas units can be sold in Ontario. These are direct vented through certified plastic pipe. Oil versions are available in mid-efficiency and high efficiency and can be chimney vented or direct vented. Electric models require no ventilation and are 100% efficient.

A traditional furnace heating unit has a single stage and a multi-speed direct drive blower. More recent models have multi-stage heating options and variable speed blowers that utilize DC current for energy savings and quiet operation.

A single stage unit has one heat setting. The heat comes on, the fan comes on, the temperature setting on the thermostat is reached and the heat goes off, and shortly thereafter the fan turns off. A two stage heating system has two heat settings. It will always comes on in the first stage which is approximately 60% of the total heat capacity. This allows our Toronto furnace repair service team to accommodate warmer weather situations where you still require heat. It also allows the product a longer cycle to warm up the house.

If the first stage runs too long the thermostat will bring on the second stage to raise the temperature to the thermostat setting. A major benefit of two stage appliances is they more evenly heat a home. Most duct systems are outdated or poorly designed and a longer hot cycle will compensate.

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High Rated Residential Heating and Toronto Furnace Repair Services

A modulating device has the capacity to turn the HVAC output up and down to match the amount of heat the house needs at any given time. These are the quietest and most efficient and result in the greatest comfort. The goal of a heat system is to replace the heat that the house loses incrementally allowing the continuous heat distribution that is the key to an evenly heated home.

All three types are enhanced with variable speed blowers, operating on DC current and offering hydro savings of up to 40%. The variable speed blower soft starts by ramping up to speed and soft stops by ramping down.

It is wise to choose the system that suits your home. Each person has a different preference. Our comfort consultants will help you to make choices that reflect your lifestyle and the needs of your family. Please speak to us. We know the Toronto HVAC business!


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