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Furnace Heating Oil Delivery Services in Toronto

At Laird & Son Fuels, Ltd. we offer a broad range of heating and cooling services. From installing new furnace and heating units, air conditioners, heat pumps and boilers to ductless air conditioners. We install full duct systems and high velocity duct systems. We install air handlers that use hot water to warm air and air handlers that use electric heaters. We install combination boilers and tankless water heaters, indirect water heaters that use hot water from a boiler to heat water for the house. We install radiators and plumbing to connect these systems to the boiler. We install a wide range of humidifiers and air quality systems and a wide variety of filters.


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Laird & Son Fuels, Ltd. Furnace Oil Delivery

We are the small efficient family alternative to big, inefficient corporate takeovers. George Laird began his business by converting coal fired heating equipment to oil. Soon he was delivering furnace oil to the newly converted.

What began as a small operation grew to a city wide heating business with trucks in every neighborhood; the Laird name representing the tradition of family to family business in Toronto.

Priority Service Furnace Oil Delivery Services

Laird & Son Fuels, Ltd. provides priority furnace heating oil delivery services as well as a maintenance package that includes furnace or oil burner parts and labor.

We employ three fully licensed oil burner mechanics, each with decades of experience. We offer a level of expertise that is rare in the fuel oil business.

Over the last number of years, Laird & Son Fuels, Ltd. has installed hundreds of new Oil Tanks and it is recommended that Fuel Oil Tanks be replaced after twenty years. Ask about our oil tanks with lifetime warranties or our furnace repair service. People trust our name because we deliver with service.


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