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An Ideal Toronto Furnace Installation Service

We know firsthand how difficult the cold winter climate of Ontario can be. Our goal is to do the best job possible in keeping homes warm so you can have the shelter you need to survive the frosty elements. The main way we do this is by providing the Greater Toronto Area with only the best furnaces that are both affordable and reliable. We guarantee that every furnace installation you receive will be perfect beyond measure. You can visibly see the difference between the average furnace installation and one done by Laird & Son’s HVAC technicians.

We believe so much in our furnaces and our services that we will give you an unconditional warranty and a contract outlining the furnace’s every aspect of the installation process. Our customers trust us because we do what we say we will. Not only do we offer unparalleled customer service, but we also back it up with industry-leading expertise.

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70 Years of Residential Heating Service and Installations

Everything begins with our heating technician talking to you and walking through your home to perform a heat loss calculation that will help you pick the perfect furnace that’s right for your home. It’s not just about what we’re trying to sell. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can select the right furnace system that works with the other elements of your home, such as your air conditioner, your indoor air quality equipment, and your humidifiers.

For over seventy years Laird & Son have been servicing, installing home furnaces and heating systems and delivering furnace oil in the area. Want to keep your home warm and comfortable for your family? Trust in a Laird & Son Heating Service Expert to help you select and install the perfect heating system.

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Furnace and Boiler Installations

Providing the optimal combination of energy efficiency and comfortable heating, Lennox furnaces will save you more money while also doing their part to help the environment.

It doesn’t hurt to consider a furnace with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, also known as a AFUE rating. It indicates the percentage of the energy that is used to actually create heat. A higher rating indicates that the furnace is more energy efficient and will save you more money.

Your furnace should also be quiet, reliable, and easy to operate. Whether you are using an electric furnace, an oil one, or even an innovative gas version, there’s a furnace that works for you.


We pride ourselves here at Laird & Son in being able to help you choose a new and energy efficient gas furnace that can heat your home and help you save on energy costs. Call us to set up an in-home consultation at (416) 421-2121. More Information About Laird & Son’s Furnace Installations Contact Our Live Support

Our commitment to continuous training helps our employees receive only the best and most extensive knowledge on the latest furnace technology. What makes a great Toronto gas furnace installation? It’s in the way air moves around your house. This is why we custom design our sheet metal fittings so they fit carefully into your home. Not only does it give you the best match, but also a better heating performance.

The moment our furnace service specialist is finished with the install, we make sure that you get a copy of the documented record indicating exactly what happened, for your own future reference. You will also get the installation and owner’s manual in a custom made document sleeve that is attached to your furnace. This way you have it whenever it’s needed. We care about the choices you make, so we’ll keep you informed on the merits of every furnace we offer. We stand by every product because we only choose the best to work with. We only sell you the kind we know can withstand this harsh Canadian climate. Are you cold? Let us help.


Older Toronto Homes Come With Old Heating Units

Should you replace it? While age is important to consider, you also need to keep in mind how often is breaks down, the quality of the installation, the sizing, the safety, and other things. The final factor to consider is that older models are way less efficient than newer ones. It’s figured that today’s models are up to 60% more efficient than the models of ten years ago.

Not only do we do installations, but do furnace repairs as well. This includes both Toronto and the surrounding areas. We can repair, clean the vents, and keep up the related aspects of your keeping your business or home the perfect temperature. You’ll be amazed at how quickly we work to get you up and running. Thinking of a furnace company? Think of us. It’s our pleasure to help you with all of your heating needs.

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