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Air Conditioner Repair and Services in GTA

At Laird and Son, we handle several styles and brands of central air conditioning systems. Generally, these are the type that can be seen attached to a traditional forced-air heating system. Approximately 85% of GTA homes use this type of system, regardless of the type of furnace in use.


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We’ve all seen those familiar square boxes outside many houses; this is most likely the condensing unit of a central AC system. It may also be called a split system, because there is a second component called an evaporator coil, which is installed inside the duct near the furnace. The household air passes through the evaporator coil (to be cooled and dehumidified), and is then sent through your duct system using the furnace blower. Residential AC typically use your existing thermostat, or a modern replacement heat/cool model if appropriate.

Laird and Son provides extensive quality heating and cooling services that has kept countless of homes throughout the GTA comfortable. Our home comfort residential HVAC contractors would be happy to discuss central , ductless , or attic based units with you. Contact us today for a free, no obligation estimate.

Reduce your Hydro Bill with Efficient Heating and Cooling

Central AC consists of two components connected by refrigerant lines. The first component is the evaporator coil and this sits above the furnace in the portion of ductwork called the plenum. The second is call the condenser and this sits outside the house and is connected to the hydro panel for power.

Air conditioner units run off electricity and when efficiency is discussed it will reflect on your hydro bill. The units condition the air inside the house by removing the heat from the air that is cycled by the furnace fan. The air passes through the evaporator coil which is kept cold by refrigeration and sucks the heat out of the air flow. The cold evaporator also condenses humidity out of the air which is why your unit needs a drain inside the house.


Professional Energy Efficient Residential AC Products

The balance of cooling and dehumidification is critical. This is the reason a heat gain calculation is done to ensure proper sizing. Laird and Son heating and air conditioning sells several makes with Lennox and Rheem being our major brands. Our Air conditionerscome with features that promote efficiency and quietness and also single stage, two stage and modulation options.

Multi stage units are designed to extend the cooling cycle, promoting more effective cooling on higher levels and improving dehumidification. The more expensive the AC unit, the more efficient and quiet. The most efficient units are quite large and can be difficult to install.

We install several models to suit these difficult situations that are horizontal discharge, which means that the air blows through the unit and out the side instead of out of the top as is the case with the standard models. These horizontal discharge units are very quiet and have the option of being installed on a bracket on an outside wall.

Manufacturer Installation Guidelines and Testing

At Laird and Son, we follow manufacturer’s guidelines when we install equipment and for any air conditioning service we provide. This means that our air conditioner installation involves proper vacuuming of the refrigerant lines, pressure testing for leaks and nitrogen brazing to prevent contamination of the refrigeration system. Our extra time and care will save you inconvenient breakdowns in the summer heat. We care for your system as if it was our own. Google+

We do not offer the Ultra Protection Plan on attic ac units at this time.


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