Heat Pump System Rebates

Toronto Heat Pump Rebates SAVE BIG with LAIRD & SON

Want a cost-efficient way to keep the temperature in your home comfortable? Invest in heat pumps by Laird & Son. A heat pump can come in the form of a central system or a ductless mini split system. It can result in significant savings versus a stand alone fossil fuel heating system.

Here are some solid reasons to invest in a heat pump.

  • Federal government rebates
  • Can completely replace an existing natural gas system
  • Lower utility costs. Fossil fuel prices are skyrocketing

Up to $5000 In Government Rebates

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Why Should You Buy a Heat Pump in Toronto Ontario?

Time to forget about those complex centrally air-conditioned rooms! With a heat pump, you can enjoy many more advantages in terms of cost, energy, health, and more.

Heat Pumps Are More Energy Efficient

The biggest advantage of a heat pump is that it runs on electricity; this is why it utilizes much less energy than the traditional heating and cooling system that runs on gas. These energy-efficient heat pumps cost less and have less harmful environmental effects.

Heat Pumps Works as a Heating and a Cooling System

The heat pump mechanism allows you to use it as a heater in winters and a cooler in summers. This is possible because the pump absorbs and transfers heat energy from one source to another.

It absorbs heat outside the source and transfers it to your home in winter. The process becomes vice versa in the summers. It absorbs heat from your home and transfers it outside to keep your home cool. Hence, you no longer need to buy a separate heater and a cooler for your rooms.

Heat Pumps Are Durable Enough to Last Longer

The high-quality material and technology used to manufacture our heat pumps make them last at least 15 years. Investing in a heat pump once allows you to enjoy its benefits for a long time. However, this is only possible if you use, charge, and maintain it properly. Make sure you get it tuned up regularly for optimal performance.

Heat Pumps Can Also Be Ductless

Heat pumps can be installed in your homes in two ways: with and without ducts. Our heat pumps are the best option if you want a hassle-free heating and cooling system. A ductless system prevents the accumulation of dirt, germs, and pollen.

Options for Improved Indoor Air Quality

In addition to the benefits of hybrid comfort, cost savings, and a long lifespan, heat pumps promote better indoor air quality. With features like enhanced airflow, better dehumidifying, and improved filtration, our heat pumps make it easier for you to breathe.


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