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Pro-Air Duct Cleaning: Equipment and Procedures. What Air Duct Equipment do we use? At Laird & Son we only use state of the art truck-mounted and truck-powered equipment, as opposed to the less efficient truck-mounted equipment used by some of the competition in this industry. All of our hardware operates off of the same large truck engine that arrives at your property.

The instruments are PTO (power take off) driven, which means that the power is taken off of the transmission of the vehicle. We increase the RPM’s or idle speed of the motor to make the vacuum and compressor work harder. The RPM’s are typically set around 2200.

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We have fifteen air filter bags equipped on the vehicle, and the impurities are filtered out after the fan so we never loose suction even as the bags fill with dust and particles.

The vacuum power is approximately 36,000CFM (cubic feet per minute). CFM is used to measure the volume of air. Our company also uses a 10 horse power air compressor which generates between 250-285PSI (pounds per square inch of air pressure). The sanitizer product that we use is called Benefect.

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How Our Residential Toronto Duct Cleaning Services Performed?

We follow the North American Duct Cleaning Association recommendation standards.

  1. Vents are covered with magnets to increase vacuum pressure and prevent “blow back”.
  2. We turn of the furnace.
  3. We bring the large vacuum hose into the basement, or furnace area, and attach it to the air supply line of your duct work. This vacuum hose is powered by our truck (described above).
  4. While that side of your system is under vacuum pressure, we blow each of the vents in the home which forces all of the dust, dirt and debris into the main lines using compressed air. The main lines are the branches that run off of your furnace where the vacuum hose is attached to.
  5. We then repeat the above steps for the return side of your system, visiting each of the cold air returns in the home.
  6. We then send a power air snake through the main lines. The air snake will pull all the dust ad dirt into the vacuum hose and out into the truck.
  7. After your system has clean vents, we sanitize the duct work using our government approved product killing any mold and bacteria that may be in the system. The product that we use is Benefect.
  8. When the work is done we seal all access points using caps, duct tape, plates and screws.
  9. We turn the furnace back on.

It is our purpose to be available for our customers, to be prompt in responding to emergencies and to be experts in diagnosing and or replacing or renovating heating and cooling systems. We have air conditioner installation training in most models and makes, and our AC installation is prompt.

You can expect the best trained, most highly experienced, thorough, clean and honest servicemen to fulfill the heating or air conditioning installation. You will experience peace of mind and reassurance that we are only a phone call away. Google+

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