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Laird and Son installs mid-efficiency and high efficiency hot water boilers for radiator and infloor heating systems. A mid-efficiency boiler has a rating of 80-85% A.F.U.E. (annual fuel utilization efficiency). A high efficiency units have an efficiency rating of 90-95 % A.F.U.E..

Our service technicians are full-time employees and have been factory trained and licensed to work on boilers and hydronic systems. We have serviced and installed boiler and radiator systems for over 70 years.

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Faithful Operation and Longevity

The mid-efficiency boilers installed by Laird and Son have cast iron heat exchangers. A cast iron boiler, when properly installed, has a proven record of faithful operation and longevity. The units come as chimney vented or direct vent. Direct vent systems are used where chimneys are not available and vent directly through the wall using stainless steel venting.

It is imperative that your system be cleaned annually to prevent premature parts failure and diminished efficiency. Homes with cast iron radiators and piping hold large volumes of water and operate at high water temperatures. A cast iron model is well suited to these systems due to the resiliency of cast iron and the large volume heat exchanger. Cast iron has a lifetime heat exchanger warranties.

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High efficiency is a condensing system using cast aluminum or stainless steel heat exchangers. It is always imperative that boilers are cleaned annually by technicians that are trained on the specific product.

If an improper cleaning compromises the boiler unit, warranties can be voided. In a high efficiency Toronto boiler installation the condensation of exhaust gases releases the latent heat of vaporization of the water. By recovering the heat produced as water vapour, a condensing boiler will regain 970btuh/pound of condensate (the water vapour released whenever one burns fossil fuels). Units vent through CPVC plastic pipes and also require a drain for condensate.

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Wall Hung and Floor Mounting

High efficiency makes are designed for side wall venting but we also have models available for chimney venting where this is an issue. Modulating options are available making these units ideal for multipurpose applications. A high efficiency boiler can also be a combination unit, providing heating and domestic hot water. Laird and Son install several high efficiency models, and perform boiler repair in Toronto and the GTA. From wall hung to floor mounting, from low mass to high mass. Choosing a boiler that suits your house and your system is critical.

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