Furnace and Air Conditioner Installation in Toronto

When we arrive to install a new furnace or cooling system, this is what you can expect:

A boldly lettered Laird and Son installation vehicle will pull up to your house. A uniformed Laird and Son installer will knock at your door and introduce himself. He will have Laird and Son insignia on his jacket and shirts.

Someone working on an air conditioner

He will enter your home with permission and put down drop sheets as necessary. If he needs to go beyond the drop sheets he will have booties on his feet to protect your floors and carpeting.

The installer will review the details of the job such as component location and venting locations. If the job requires careful explanation we will arrange a pre-inspection prior to installation. This allows a consultation process so your concerns will be addressed without the pressure of time restraints.

The installation will proceed with respect for your home and your environment. Our conduct in your home is impeccable, with no swearing, loud music, or raucous behaviour. We remove all of the existing equipment and clean up all debris. We remove all scrap metal from your property. We sweep up after ourselves and leave the work area spotless.

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Trained Technicians by our Manufacturers

Our ac installation team in Toronto are trained by the manufacturers. We follow manufacturer’s guidelines to the letter. Our installer will complete an installation checklist which will detail each facet of the installation and the setting up and testing of the new equipment.

These tests include gas pressure tests, ensuring correct manifold pressures on gas valves, setting and adjusting fan speeds, checking operating pressures in your new air conditioner and pressurizing and air bleeding radiator systems after installing a new boiler. We will have you sign this document and a copy will stay with you and a copy will stay in the installation file in our office.

We will follow up with you after the installation to check on your satisfaction with our installers, the experience of having our staff in your home, and you satisfaction with your new system.

Guarantee Efficiency Ratings and Performance

The details followed during air conditioning installation will prevent many future problems. Paying close attention to set up and commissioning of equipment will guarantee efficiency ratings and performance. Overlooking the smallest details can lead to future breakdowns and repair costs.

At Laird and Son we treat your home as if it were our home, and your installation is done as if we were installing for Neil Laird himself.

Laird and Son Service Contractors
You can relax when Laird and Son arrive. You will be smiling when we leave.

Our wide array of services are designed to make your home energy-efficient and comfortable. We are honoured to be the trusted air conditioning installation contractor in Toronto. Call us at (416) 421-2121 to schedule a free consultation or visit our Contact Us page to get more information.

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