Attic Air Conditioning Systems in Toronto

There are several reasons for installing air conditioning in an attic space. Cold air flows downward and hot air rises. Forced air systems with the air handler or furnace in the basement must raise the air to the upper levels, which are the warmest areas of the house. This is very difficult for the system, and the upper levels of most air-conditioned homes experience unsatisfactory cooling. Most of the heat generated in your home is coming from the roof and the attic adding heat gain to the upper levels.

Most people desire cool homes for sleeping, and bedrooms are often located on the upper levels. Cooling from the attic benefits your home by conditioning the air at the source of greatest heat gain.

Attic air conditioning systems cool the top levels of your home first, relieving any concern for uncomfortable nights. Cold air flows downward with gravity, thus ensuring that the lower levels of your home will never be too warm. We also install the thermostat on the top floor of your home, which helps prevent overcooling. We offer two specific types of attic air conditioning systems; low velocity and high velocity.

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High Velocity Toronto Air Conditioning Systems

A high velocity air conditioning system uses high velocity air distributed through small flexible tubes. We install 2 inch round outlets in each room with a return air on the top level. This system also utilizes a condenser on the outside and an air handler in the attic.

The indoor components are smaller and the entire system is sound attenuated preventing mechanical and air noise. The air enters the living space with enough velocity to aspirate with the room air, eliminating hot and cold spots.

We install the Unico air conditioning system, which removes 30% more humidity than a standard air conditioning system. This type of installation tends to be for larger homes and for noise sensitive situations.

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The Unico System is a small-duct, high-velocity central air conditioning and heating system designed for older homes or businesses that have inadequate air conditioning or none at all.

Our system utilizes smaller supply ducts than traditional systems allowing them to snake throughout your home or business eliminating the need to add soffits or additional construction.

Low Velocity Air Conditioning Systems

A low velocity air conditioning system utilizes a condenser outside and an air handler in the attic. We install conventional metal ductwork and insulate to prevent condensation. We install 4 by 10 inch supply air vents in each room, with an 11 by 14 inch return air in the hallway of the top floor.

This system is ideal for bungalows without ductwork and also in smaller two story homes. In cooling the upper level the lower level gets cooled by the down flow of cold air. These systems are a good value for those with limited budgets.


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