What Factors Affect My Home’s Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality of your home is the result of the interaction between the building site, climate, building system, construction techniques, contaminant sources, and building occupants. Sources that contaminate the quality of your indoor air may originate within the building or may be drawn in from outdoors. Here are some of the factors that might be affecting the indoor …

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Annual Cleaning for Furnace and Air Conditioner Units

Furnace and air conditioner cleaning is an essential maintenance measure that extends the life of your heating and cooling equipment. Regular maintenance of your furnace and air conditioning unit saves you headaches and troubles down the road and allows you to enjoy reliable and efficient service for years. At the beginning of each heating or cooling season, you should have …

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Got a Red Tag?

Got a red tag! Let me see. Did a technician come to your house to clean and inspect your furnace or boiler? Did he say something was not up to code and needed to be changed immediately? Did he say that it should have been noticed before (even though you have used the same company for many years and the …

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Efficiency Equals Airflow

Efficiency equals airflow. Are you aware of this fact, that in heating and air conditioning with forced air you need adequate airflow to achieve optimum efficiencies? And what hinders airflow? It is dust, which eventually becomes dirt. Ask any professional heating or cooling technician and they will tell you stories about dirt fouling systems, causing breakdowns and creating atrocious utility …

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