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Generac Natural Gas Generators Installation and Service in Toronto

Power outages have become a concern for many homeowners in Ontario, especially since last winter’s ice storm. And standby generators are a reliable affordable solution. Laird and Son are now installing Eaton standby generators. You may be familiar with the Eaton brand under their more generic trade-name Generac.

The generator is connected directly to your gas meter and is powered by natural gas. The unit will monitor your homes connections to the grid and when the power from the street fails the generator automatically comes on to supply essential electricity. When the power comes back on the generator switches off and allows the local utility to do its job.

You can choose from several sizes of generators. You can select specific applications such as lights, furnace, air conditioning, fridge, stove and freezer or you can run the whole house. Costs will vary accordingly.


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Invested Gas Generator Service Technician Training

Portable gas generators can keep you warm and keep your food from spoiling but are also noisy and need continual refilling. The Eaton comes on automatically and tests itself weekly, so if a problem exists you have plenty of time to get the repairs done.

We have invested in service and installation training for our staff so you can expect a properly installed unit and prompt efficient emergency service if required. The unit is also extremely quiet and the weather proof cover is attractive, not detracting from the house décor or landscaping.

Toronto Generac Natural Gas Powedered Installation Services for your Home

Installing Generac natural gas generators is not a job for fools. Gas piping must be run underground. Proper locates must be done and observed. The unit must be serviced and set up with care. Manufactures are very specific with regard to clearances from windows, doors and combustible materials. At Laird, we are very careful to observe these guidelines. We also take care to ensure any permits or inspections are obtained.

It would be unfortunate for someone with a generator to discover that the unit had been improperly installed or improperly set up, especially if it was in a time of emergency. Laird and Son offer our customers peace of mind. We send the installation team to your home for a consultation prior to installation. We are there to help you understand your investment. We discuss the location of the unit, making certain you will be pleased with appearances. With extreme attention to detail and operational testing we ensure your unit will be available when you need it.


Reliable and Safe Homeowner Installation Services

Homeowners buy generators to feel reassured that if the power does go out, they will remain comfortable and safe. A shoddy installation by a careless company will rob them of their security, creating anxiety and doubt. Laird makes every effort to reassure our customers that they are safe with us. Our history and reputation have our back. Google+

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