AC Repair and Maintenance Get More Crucial as the Months Grow Warmer

In Toronto, temperatures are highest from June to September, with peaks in July and August. While summers in Toronto are not as harsh as in many other places, the temperatures during the day are still higher than what people might be comfortable with.

The AC doesn’t only help keep indoor temperatures comfortable, but also helps maintain good indoor air quality. After all, Toronto’s smog is a summer phenomenon that needs a good deal of attention.

Different types of air conditioners require different kinds of maintenance. The same is true when something goes wrong: AC repair needs may be different for each type. All air conditioners share some of the basic components, but their individual design and construction might also call for specific repair work.

Consumer Search divides ACs into four general categories.

Central Air Conditioners. Composed of a single unit that houses the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, a central AC cools the house by circulating air through a system of ducts that run through the exterior wall or roof. With a central AC, air from the inside is drawn out and cooler air is returned. The unit is situated outside the house, which makes inspection and repair by technicians relatively easy. The ductwork will also need maintenance since leaks and other problems can reduce the system’s efficiency.

Split Systems. This AC type is composed of two units: one indoor and one outdoor. The indoor unit houses the evaporator coil while the outdoor unit holds the condenser coil and the compressor. The two units are typically maintained and repaired separately. This system also uses ducts.

Heat Pumps. This is a double-purpose system: heating during cold seasons and cooling during hot seasons. While they work well in mild climates, the heating is usually inadequate for extreme cold. Patterned from the traditional split system, repair and maintenance for both types are mostly the same.

Mini-Split. The mini-split is a ductless air conditioner system. It’s easy to install since no tearing of walls are necessary. This also makes them relatively easy to maintain and repair.

As it is important to keep your AC system functioning well especially during the hot summer months, call on AC repair technicians, such as Laird and Son, when something goes wrong. They can be relied on to find solutions to your AC problems, no matter what type it is.

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