What to Know Before Getting Air Conditioning Installation in Toronto

For at least half of each year, few things in the heat of Canada’s Queen City contribute to your lasting comfort than a refreshingly air conditioned room, and for this reason alone, you should see to it that your AC is constantly well-maintained and purring soundly as it should. As the years go by, however, your unit will eventually wear down to the point when the best option is no longer more of the same repairs, but rather replacement. It’s just as important though to have new air conditioning installation by Toronto professionals only, such as Laird and Son.

AC Age

At around the eighth year of your AC’s operation, be alert for recurring problems too frequent for your service technician to keep up with. In this case, have a pro inspect your AC system for any damage that isn’t worth repairing, such as an inefficient cooling mechanism that just doesn’t seem to do its job right anymore.

High Freon

Freon is a chemical that’s typically used as refrigerant in many air conditioning units—however, since it has been found to use up quite a lot of your home’s energy, its use is being phased out. So if you’re still using Freon in your air conditioner, it’s time to start looking for new, more energy-efficient options.

Ductwork’s Effects

Your unit is only one half of the equation—your AC ducts also play a major role in how efficiently the system is working, so if you have poor ducts, you are only hastening the wear of your unit. Here are some tips from Houselogic’s Oliver Marks:

“You could upgrade to the highest efficiency gear available and still not feel comfortably cool on hot days. That’s because the mechanicals are only part of the central air system. The average house’s ductwork leaks 10% to 30% of its air before it can reach your living space[…]. Before deciding whether to repair or replace your condenser and blower units, your technician should run a duct-leakage test, by sealing the vents and measuring how much air escapes the system.”

Insulation’s Effects

Inefficient insulation will overwork your air conditioner, not to mention grind out a soaring power bill for you every month. Moreover, it can necessitate your AC’s premature replacement. When calling up one of the reputable HVAC companies in Toronto, make sure to have the company assess whether your building envelope needs an upgrade, too.

You don’t have to keep repairing your aging AC when you could just opt to replace it with a brand new and energy-saving one. Always keep in mind that with old units that have seen better days, the more you prolong their life, the more costly they will be energy-wise as they bang along, and the more expensive it gets just to keep them in good working order.

(Source: Air Conditioning Equipment: Repair or Replace?, House Logic)

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