Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Gas Generator At Home

Almost everything in your home relies on electricity to keep you and your family comfortable no matter the season. However, when an outage occurs, many people prefer using portable generators that offer temporally relief. The only problem is that you have to fuel it, and know how to connect and deploying it safely and quickly.

Well, a backup natural gas generator allows you to ride out electrical outages without any problem at all. All you have to do is plug it into a natural gas line. These generators are convenient and safe for the family.

These are not the only benefits; the days of fumbling in the dark are now over. The power can be used with any appliance in your home including HVAC systems. They are indeed the best choice to-quickly-turn your home into a pleasant, safe environment.

According to the ministry of energy, they advise people to have permanently installed generators because they offer fewer risks. Portable models present a greater risk of failure in areas such as overheating and overloading. They avoid other safety issues as well, including fuel storage hazards. Moreover, it eliminates the worry of breathing in carbon monoxide.

Automatic Operation

The majority of powered natural gas generators are equipped with sensors that continuously monitors electric usage and switch your home’s circuits from the grid to the generator anytime they detect a power outage.  A sub-panel is installed that redirects critical circuits from the main panel. This panel keeps lights on, appliances working and your home heating system running.

The moment the power comes back, the circuit is automatically switched back to electrical grid. With this generator, there is no fuel needed or stored. Moreover, no extension cords are required. Having standby natural gas generators installed is like having a mini-power station parked on a cement slab outside your home. Connect to your home’s circuit breaker panel and then to your natural power supply generator and let it do its work. This generator ensures that you are always prepared for any emergency that causes a power outage no matter the cause of the outage.

(Source: Ontario Ministry of Energy)

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