Choosing an Ethical, Qualified, Responsible, Heating and Air Conditioning Company

How do you choose the right company to repair, service, or install heating and air conditioning equipment in your home? There are three things to consider:

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1) Ethics: How seriously does the company treat the concerns of the customer? How well do they perform on a continual basis? How well do they respond when something has gone wrong? Will you need to make repeated phone calls or chase them down?

2)Qualifications: Most technicians in the field have licences but not all are trained. A gas ticket does not mean a person will know how to diagnose and repair your equipment.

3)Liability: If someone is working on your property without Workers Safety Insurance (WSIB) coverage you will be liable in case of injury.

Does the company provide liability insurance coverage if property is damaged? If the company uses subcontractors are they Technical Standards and Safety registered contractors?

Laird and Son is committed to customer satisfaction. Our performance on installations and service receive top ratings. Over 80% of our business is referrals and repeat customers. But only Nadia Comaneci ever earned a perfect 10 performance and when something goes wrong Laird is persistent in resolving problems quickly and to the highest standards.

All technicians and installers have proper licenses for the work they perform but also take additional training from equipment manufacturers and industry leaders to provide a wide area of expertise to make repairs quicker and installations smoother.

We ensure all of our staff have WSIB coverage and we carry $5,000,000 liability insurance. We use employees for the bulk of our work but do require subcontractors for specialized situations and removals. In these cases our contractors are the most reputable in the industry and are TSSA registered, carrying proper insurance and WSIB coverage. You are never at risk when Laird and Son is on the job.

In summary I will say that Laird and Son meets all criterial as an ethical, qualified and responsible contractor.

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