High Efficiency Combination Boiler for Radiators in Old Homes

There is a problem. Most high efficiency boilers installed in older homes only achieve their efficiency rating for a portion of the time. These units operate as more of a high mid-efficiency boiler. High efficiency means over 90% and this is called condensing when water vapor in natural gas is condensed into liquid during the combustion process. For this to take place the return water to the boiler must be below 130 degrees F.
The old cast iron and copper systems keep the water hotter than that, always above 140, making it impossible for the high efficiency boiler to achieve its potential (except on start up and in mild weather).
The Versa Hydro has a thoughtful approach to deal with this dilemma. It uses a massive heat exchanger in a tank that is a minimum of 55 gallons. The tank acts as a water heater producing unlimited amounts of hot water for your homes domestic use.
With 55 gallons of water you can control conditions in the tank thereby maximizing efficiency. Remember the need to have the return water below 130 F? When you open a hot water tap and use the water from the tank you introduce cold 50 degree tap water and the Versa Hydro burner comes on in condensing mode, producing unlimited amounts of hot water at over 90% efficiency.

High Efficiency Boiler Installation in Toronto

Keep in mind that to heat radiator water is easy once it has been brought to the desired temperature. The Versa Hydro uses a heat transfer plate to transfer heat from the tank into the hot water circulating in your radiators. This is the most efficient system for heating with cast iron or copper radiators. This is also an excellent system for adding infloor radiant or zones because the unit does not need to fire every time you need some heat. It only comes on to heat up the tank, eliminating unnecessary wear and tear on components.

Other benefits of this system include:

1. The heat exchanger is in the tank of water and is scoured by turbulence when the unit runs. The heat exchanger never needs cleaning.

2. The tank has a high resistance to heat loss. The tank will only lose .5 degrees F in the water temperature every hour, 12 degrees a day if the power was out.

3. The heat transfer plate is transferring heat from hot water in the tank to hot water for the radiators preventing the scaling that occurs when you heat cold water with a heat transfer plate (as is the case with wall hung combination boilers and tankless water heaters).

4. The manufacturer of the boiler is HTP (Heat Transfer) in Boston, a family owned manufacturer that introduced high efficiency boilers to the North American market in the mid 1990′s. They are committed to creating energy efficient and environmentally minded products especially for cast iron heating systems in older homes.

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